Zone climate control is something that has been in homes for several years, however it is becoming even more popular than ever because of the comfort, convenience and savings it can offer.  Zone control allows you to heat or cool specific areas of your home at a time rather than the entire home at once. This allows for greater comfort and a potential savings of up to 20%. The following are a few more zone control facts that might help you make your HVAC decisions.

What is a zone control system?

This is a system that includes a thermostat which is electrically connected to a control panel which operates multiple dampers in your forced air heating/cooling system. This conditioned air in then distributed to multiple parts of your home as needed. The major components are a control panel, thermostats, and dampers. A zone climate control system maintains various temperatures throughout your home that you choose and eliminates the need to constantly reset your thermostat.

Where should it be installed?

The best place is wherever the furnace and air conditioner system are located. It should be installed by a certified heating and air conditioning professional who is qualified to give you zone control facts. If possible, it is advantageous to install the zone climate control system as the home is being built. It is much easier to run the wiring throughout the house in the open framework and between floors before the house is complete. By installing the system as the house is being built provides substantial savings in installation costs. Plus, required ductwork sizing and system balancing is much easier and less expensive for the homeowner while the home is still under construction.

What is the most popular “size” zone control system?

This really depends on the home’s floor plan which can be a number of separate areas. Typically a zone climate control system is between two and five zones. The builder of your home should know the best size for your control system. Many custom home builders work with professional HVAC contractors who are qualified enough to know all the zone control facts.

Is there any service required with a zone control system?

There is not. If you purchase a reputable brand with a published warranty from a professional expert in heating and air conditioning, you should expect to receive many years of trouble-free performance. You will only need to have your system serviced if changes in living habits occur which may require occasional and simple adjustments.

Which homes are most likely to need zone control?

Zone Climate Control Systems work best in homes with multiple levels, have rooms with unusually large windows or glassed in areas, rooms with cathedral ceilings or atriums, many wings (such as a ranch style home), and rooms in a finished basement or attic. Thanks to Zone Climate Control System technology, affordable, highly reliable zone control is available and compatible with virtually all thermostats. All of which can be custom designed for your home. Asking your professional HVAC expert zone control facts will help you make educated designs about this economical and reliable choice for your home.