When winter is in full swing, your furnace is kicking into high gear to keep you and your family warm.

But when a small squeaking noise turns into a major furnace overhaul, you’ll wish you wouldn’t have ignored the warning signs.

This winter, don’t ignore these common furnace problems:

Uneven Heating

If your living room is at a comfortable temperature while your bedroom resembles the climate of Antarctica, your furnace is likely the culprit. Uneven heating could be the result of several issues, from closed or blocked vents to improper equipment. Don’t live with extreme fluctuation in your home’s temperature — call an HVAC professional to restore your house to its normal temperature and resolve your furnace problems.

Higher Utility Bills

Paying your utility bills becomes a mundane task after a while. Instead of settling with the numbers on your bill, compare them with past balances in order to catch any extreme changes. If you’re consistently paying a higher price each month, there’s a good chance your furnace isn’t functioning efficiently.

Broken Parts

Quick fixes for your furnace should only be temporary. If you’re in need of a new part for the system that’s keeping you and your home warm, don’t wait. That small part might cost more than you expected, but you’ll be much happier with the small setback than a mechanical disaster later.

Dirty Filters

When the air filter on your furnace becomes dirty or clogged, your entire home will suffer the adverse effects. Suddenly, your furnace is working longer and harder and costing you more money. It’s critical to replace your furnace filter from time to time. Typically, you should replace it once every one to three months.

Ignition Problems

If you have a furnace with a pilot light that won’t stay lit or other ignition problems, your heating unit may be on the brink of shutting down entirely. Instead of falling victim to a freezing home, consult your HVAC professional to help you troubleshoot ignition problems on your furnace.

Strange Noises

The rattling and rumbling coming from your furnace isn’t necessarily normal. In fact, strange noises coming from your furnace could be signs of a much larger problem, like a clog or air flow restriction. Keep an eye on your furnace’s behavior and the noises it’s emitting. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, it’s best to consult the experts for advice instead of waiting until a full-blown problem occurs.

When you’re in need of furnace repair or replacement, Blue Ox Heating & Air can help. Our professionals are trained in the latest techniques and technology to provide the best service for your home. Call us today and we’ll be there to solve your HVAC needs.

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