There aren’t many situations that are as panic-inducing as having your furnace suddenly stop working on a blustery, cold day. Not only can this situation be extremely inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous as well. In order to keep your family safe and comfortable, you can depend on Blue Ox Heating & Air to lend you a hand with all of your Minneapolis furnace repair needs.

However, there are a few things that responsible homeowners can do to keep their furnaces in good condition so that they are less likely to break down during the cold winter months.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

People who want to avoid last-minute furnace repair emergencies should make it a habit to schedule regular maintenance services for their furnaces. These services should include air duct cleaning and furnace inspection. Simply keeping your furnace maintained can help you to avoid more expensive repairs down the road.

Keep Your Vents Clutter-Free

One way to overwork your furnace and shorten its lifespan is to put extra pressure on it by covering up your air vents. Before turning your furnace on for the winter, walk around the house and make sure that your air vents are not blocked by furniture, blankets, or other items.

Be Proactive

Furnaces probably won’t break down without first exhibiting obvious signs of malfunction. If you notice that yours smells or sounds strange in any way, contact Blue Ox Heating & Air at 952-563-3012. We can inspect and repair your heating system before your family gets left in the cold.