The Importance of Air Conditioning Repairs and Seasonal Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

When the sun is beating down outside, you need reliable AC to keep you cool and comfortable inside. Annual inspections and seasonal maintenance can help keep your unit running optimally all year long. However, even the most robust system may need attention occasionally. That’s when you can contact Blue Ox Heating & Air to restore your cool in Minneapolis, MN.

Even before you notice that your AC isn’t cooling your home properly, you may notice signs that indicate it’s time for air conditioning repair.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Here are some of the problems Blue Ox technicians have come across in the decades we’ve been in business:

  • The AC won’t turn on
  • Warm air comes out of the air conditioner during operation
  • Vibrating noises occur during startup
  • The unit makes a noise, but the fan doesn’t come on
  • Water pools around the AC

if you are experiencing any of these or other problems with your air conditioner, call us today for 24-hour air conditioning repair services. Our emergency technicians are available for your AC emergency.

Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working

There are a number of reasons that your air conditioner may not be working. Some symptoms are easy to identify whereas others require the expertise of a professional. Our licensed, insured technicians can come to your home today to make sure that we get your air conditioner up and running.

No Power?

If there’s no power getting to your air conditioner, it could be due to a wiring problem, an overheated unit or electrical issue. A Blue Ox air conditioning repair specialist will reset the circuit breaker, sort out the wiring problem and clear away vegetation that can block airflow in your system.

Could It Be the Fan Belt?

If your fan belt is worn out, you may hear a squealing sound. The fan belt can snap, which is a much more costly fix than simply replacing it. As soon as you notice a squealing sound in your air conditioner, call us to fix it before it becomes a bigger issue.

Refrigerant Leakage

When you hear a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner, it may indicate a refrigerant leakage. This impacts the efficiency of the unit and poses an environmental risk. When we come to repair your unit, we can recharge the system and replace the tubing to keep the refrigerant from leaking.

Evaporator Coil Air Conditioning Repair

If your evaporator coil is frozen, you may be overusing the unit. Common causes are low refrigerant levels, continual operation overnight and poor ventilation. Try to turn your air conditioner off at least for a few hours while it is cooler outside. This will prevent the air from coming out of the supply register from getting warm. Contact us to make the necessary repairs and for instructions on how to prevent frozen coils.

Defective Fan Motor?

When the fan motor is defective, the air cannot effectively circulate in your home. Our technician can repair the motor or let you know if a replacement is needed, as well as provide any other HVAC repair needed.

Compressor Problems

If the compressor isn’t working properly, the fan will run but the air remains warm. Unfortunately, the compressor is one of the most expensive components of your AC system. Speak to our technician about whether it’s cheaper to pay for air conditioning repair or replace the compressor. We’ll do our best to save you money without sacrificing performance.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Insect nests, dirt, algae and other material may clog up the drain for condensation. This may lead to water damage inside your home. We’ll flush the system and put in some helpful chemicals to control the growth of algae. This helps keep your condensate drain clear.

You can count on our licensed professionals to keep your AC going through the hot months of the year to prevent your family from complaining about the summer heat.

When to Opt for HVAC Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

There are three factors that primarily determine whether it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace your AC unit.

First, how old is the unit? If you have an AC over a decade old, it makes more sense to consider buying a new one. Next, consider the long-term benefit of replacing the system. A Blue Ox technician can help you determine whether an upgrade suits your long-term interests more than paying for temporary repairs. Finally, consider the utility rates you pay now — versus the cheaper rates that you may get with a more efficient system in Minneapolis, MN.

Keep in mind that newer units often follow more stringent environmental and efficiency guidelines.

Preventive Maintenance

Ask us about our yearly maintenance plans to keep your AC in optimal working order. A little bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way when it comes to the longevity of your AC unit. This may mean lower air conditioning repair costs in the future. Also, you can save money on your monthly utility bills.

Why Choose Blue Ox Heating and Air?

Choose Blue Ox Heating & Air to get the most qualified local technicians with the proper training to fix your air conditioner. Our air conditioning repair and replacement services keep your home cool when you need your AC the most. Since we offer emergency services, you can reach us for HVAC repair services around the clock.

Don’t settle for a handyman who barely knows more than the average DIY homeowner. Blue Ox Heating & Air handles all equipment brands, so you can have full faith and confidence that we can handle air conditioning repairs for your old or new unit.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for your AC unit in Minneapolis, MN.

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