The Anatomy of an Air Exchanger

Air exchangers push stale air out of the home and replace it with fresh, outdoor air. If you’ve ever wanted to “air out” your home by opening a window or door, you should consider installing an air exchanger.

Homes naturally produce air pollutants every day. An air exchanger helps remove these pollutants. This is how an in-home air exchanger works, how they can help your indoor air quality, and how you can get one installed.

How does an indoor air exchanger work?

An air exchanger has two separate air channels: one for incoming air and one for outgoing air. Your home’s ductwork distributes air through two grilles: distribution grilles and exhaust grilles. Distribution grilles send fresh air into the home, and exhaust grilles shoot stale air outdoors.

You’ll usually find distribution grilles in highly-used areas like kitchens or main living spaces. That way, they can move fresh air to the parts of the home where it’ll be most useful.

What can an indoor air exchanger do for my home’s air quality?

Air exchangers are great. They can remove pollutants, freshen air, and balance humidity in your home. If your air exchangers detect high indoor humidity levels, they send more fresh air to specific areas of the home. This functionality is especially important in places with especially humid and hot summers (like Minnesota).

In addition to leveling out the humidity, air exchangers also help remove home pollution. Bacteria, viruses, and mold thrive in humid climates and stale air. By keeping mold from forming, an air exchanger can seriously help prevent the spread of illness in your home.

How can I install an air exchanger in my home?

All you have to do to get started with the installation of an air exchanger is to call the experts at Blue Ox Heating & Air. Someone will talk to you about your needs and send a representative to your home to develop an installation plan.

An air exchanger can help with health concerns, pollutant removal, and decreasing humidity. Beyond that, however, it can also help make your home feel fresher, cleaner, safer, and better.