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Natural Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s allergy season, which means it’s important to take the air quality in your home into consideration. Do you know what sort of contaminants are floating around the air in your home? Chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia can come from common household items and pollute your home’s atmosphere without any visual warning. Be prepared … Read More >

Is Air Quality Just a Bunch of Hype?

More than likely, when you were growing up your parents didn’t have any kind or air purifiers or filters in your house to improve your indoor air quality and you turned out fine. So what’s the big deal today? Well, for starters, new homes are more tightly sealed in order to save energy, and that can result in a … Read More >

Humidity Control in Your Home

Now that you know what makes humidity tick, it’s time to use our nerdy science powers for good. Environmental control good. We’re basically like mutants. With slightly less impressive powers. Controlling the humidity inside your home is actually pretty simple, once you know how humidity works. A few very common sources account for almost every home’s humidity problems. The … Read More >

4 Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

reathe Easy It’s about this time of year that we all yearn for the beautiful summer afternoons on the patio, sun shining, grass growing, and a gentle breeze rolling through. Unfortunately, with the snow falling at a rapid rate and the temperatures staying stagnant below zero, it’s unlikely we’ll be enjoying the fresh air anytime … Read More >