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Fall Furnace Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

DIY FURNACE MAINTENANCE If you’re preparing for winter, it’s important to service your furnace before the blistering cold temperatures hit so that you stay comfortable all season long. By practicing the proper furnace maintenance, you can save time and money. If you are not sure how to maintain your own furnace, here are some valuable … Read More >

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Save Money On Heating This Winter

It’s October, and as the sun sets earlier every night, you’re probably feeling a bit of the old familiar anxiety creeping up on you. We here in Minnesota have a sort of local motto you may have heard: winter is coming. Even if you’re one of those weirdos who looks forward to winter, because of … Read More >

How to Spot Heating Problems Before They Become Serious

It’s easy to get a little paranoid about your heater’s reliability, especially in the winter and especially if you’ve had heating problems in the past. Last month, we put together a list of things to check to make sure your furnace is ready for Fall. Well, now Fall is upon is, and if you want … Read More >