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It’s really easy not to think about indoor air quality. Unlike a lot of other home repair problems, its negative consequences aren’t immediately apparent. It’s possible your home could have air contaminants you don’t even know about! It might seem like monitoring air quality should be a secondary concern. Unfortunately, it can’t be. If your … Read More >

8 Super Easy Ways to Get Ready for Spring

Minnesotans may feel that discussing spring in March is premature, or even presumptuous. But at the risk of jinxing it, we’re (at least somewhat) confident spring is on its way. Besides, even if spring is still an all-too-distant memory, it never hurts to be prepared for it. Preparing for spring helps us feel like it’ll really … Read More >

4 Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

reathe Easy It’s about this time of year that we all yearn for the beautiful summer afternoons on the patio, sun shining, grass growing, and a gentle breeze rolling through. Unfortunately, with the snow falling at a rapid rate and the temperatures staying stagnant below zero, it’s unlikely we’ll be enjoying the fresh air anytime … Read More >