Surviving the Weather with a Regular Duct Cleaning Service | Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis, MN is a vibrant and unique place to call home. It’s known as Miniature-Opolis, the City of Lakes, and the Mini-Apple. Whatever you like to call Pickleville, it’s an exciting place to live. The area is rich in cultural diversity, creative outlets, and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

However, locals living in Mill City accept the exceptional aspects of the town while enduring the more challenging characteristics like the dramatic weather swings. Residents understand that maintaining their HVAC and overseeing a regular duct cleaning service is key to surviving the Arctic-like winter and humid, sticky summers.

Blue Ox Heating & Air Services for the Twin Cities, MN

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Regular Duct Cleaning Service Improves the Home Environment

As any house-proud Minneapolis, MN local can tell you, it won’t take long before dust begins to take over your home. If your air ducts are clogged with those pesky dust bunnies it can reduce the overall air quality in your home. For those individuals with dust allergies, dirty air ducts can be a serious irritant.

There are many benefits to maintaining the cleanliness of your heating and air conditioning pathways. A consistent maintenance routine can provide improved air quality in your home, reduce the allergens in the environment, and can dramatically increase the efficiency of your heat and air conditioning units.

A professional, routine duct cleaning service is vital to you and your family’s health. Most people spend the majority of their time in their homes. If your air ducts are dirty, then the air in your home is dirty.

If the air was visible like water and there were dust particles in your water you wouldn’t drink it, right? Why breathe dirty air when you can schedule a quick and easy duct cleaning service with Blue Ox Heating & Air that will improve the efficiency of your climate control system.

Customer Reviews

“I bought my first house last year. I’d been living in a tiny apartment where the industrious building manager made sure all the climate controls and maintenance of the flat were kept in tip-top shape. However, I didn’t realize all the work that goes into making certain a home is well-maintained and cared for. I own a popular artisan tea shop downtown and I don’t have the time to figure out how to care for my heating unit or air conditioner, let alone how to maintain the healthy air quality in my home!

When my parents came to visit my dad who has a sensitive nose kept remarking about a sour smell in the dining room. He asked me if I’d changed the air filters or if I’d had a duct cleaning service since I moved in. I had no idea you needed to change an air filter! He suggested I call Blue Ox to ask them about their routine service packages.

Blue Ox sent out a technician who found a dead vole in the ducts which accounted for the sour smell in my new home. I’m amazed at the improvement of air quality in my home. I’ve signed up for a regular maintenance schedule with Blue Ox. I won’t be neglecting my air ducts ever again!”

Sally Turner, Minneapolis, August 2019

“I’ve always been proud of my ability to take care of my home. I could fix a dripping faucet, install appliances, and maintain the general comfort of my home.

Last year, I was diagnosed with arthritis and I suffered from a long stint of gout. I’m no longer capable of taking care of my home the way I know it should be maintained. I tried a few different HVAC companies before finding Blue Ox Heating & Air Conditioning.

The young man who performed the duct cleaning service was a joy to talk to. He completed the task quickly and efficiently. He welcomed my input on how to perform the task. I’ll be depending on Blue Ox for all my heating and air conditioning needs.”

Judy Benny, St. Paul, February 2020

Preventing Illness with a Routine Air Duct Cleaning Service

A home can suffer something called sick building syndrome when the air ducts and airflow pathways haven’t been cleaned and maintained for optimal efficiency.

Air ducts move the flow of oxygen throughout your home. If you don’t faithfully maintain the tidiness of your air ducts, then it might result in respiratory issues that can have long-term effects.

The air ducts are the veins of your home. They carry oxygen to all areas and often collect irritants like dust, debris, bacteria, and other allergens. If left to build up, these irritants cause an itchy throat, watery eyes, inflamed sinuses, coughing, difficulty breathing and in the most drastic cases diseases like pneumonia, influenza, and sinusitis.

Asthma, Respiratory Disease, and Dirty Vents

If you or your family members struggle with respiratory diseases like asthma, then the importance of conducting a regular air duct cleaning service becomes paramount to protecting their health.

The dust and allergens which collect in your home’s vents can negatively impact their health. Asthma attacks can last longer and complications may develop. Experts have proved that clean air can reduce symptoms and even help prevent you from catching a cold.

Trust Blue OX Heating & Air

We understand inviting a technician into your home is an act of trust. Our exceptional professionals were hired not only for their expertise, but for their friendliness, honesty, and desire to help the community. We invest in our team’s evolution as leaders in the HVAC industry.

Our team collectively represents a few hundred years of experience providing the most cutting-edge methods in heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation.

If you suspect you’ve got dirty vents, then don’t delay. Please give us a call. We offer a 24-hour response team!