Specialist Air Conditioning Repair in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN is the 46th largest city in the nation. The great Mississippi River divides the Twin Cities but the entire area is blessed with an abundance of biodiversity, freshwater sources, and a culturally rich community that welcomes people from all walks of life.

St. Paul and Minneapolis are home to nearly four million people who power through the bone-chilling winters and actively explore the natural beauty that surrounds the region during the warmer months. The Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway is approximately 50 miles of pedestrian and bicycle paths that surround the city providing entertainment for all Minneapolitans.

After the Scenic Byway, and fun is over – it is time to return to the cool refuge of home. Unfortunately, the air conditioner is not functioning properly! Sure, the City of Lakes has plenty of places to take a refreshing dip but you can’t spend your entire life in the water. You’re not a fish! An air conditioning repair might seem like an enormous headache but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Trust the specialized team at Blue Ox Heating & Air to get you cool again.

No Sweat

Minneapolis, MN is hot and humid during the summer. The record-breaking, high temperature bolted to a boiling 110 degrees Fahrenheit which is hot enough to cause health problems for the elderly, kids, and to people with pre-existing conditions.

Every summer emergency rooms across the city see severe cases of dehydration, sunstroke, and heat exhaustion. Air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity throughout many areas in the country.

Air conditioning is an element of daily life that is easily taken for granted. Sadly, AC units don’t always break when it is convenient to remedy the problem.

The easiest way to make sure your climate controls continue to keep you cool (or warm) is to schedule routine maintenance during the milder months. For example, an air conditioning repair conducted in the spring will ensure there is no interruption in your service when the dog days of summer arrive.

A Green Home Is a Happy Home

Everyone wants to be comfortable at home. HVAC services are an integral part of a pleasant environment but not at the expense of the planet’s well-being.

Taking care of your appliances extends their lives. Routine maintenance or timely air conditioning repair can reduce the amount of electricity being absorbed by the units.

Investing in Energy Star appliances is another sure-fire way of reducing your homes’ carbon footprint and your electricity bills. Energy Star is a national program that helps consumers buy greener appliances that protect the planet.

Signs It’s Time for an Air Conditioning Repair

  • The Air Conditioner Won’t Start – There are any number of reasons why the AC won’t turn on. A NATE-Certified HVAC trades-person will need to inspect the unit before making a decision on which air conditioning repair is most suited for the job. Don’t attempt to fix an air conditioner by yourself. There’s the possibility of further damaging the unit which can result in more expensive air conditioning repair.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Puddles of Water – If you are regularly noticing puddles it could be that the unit is leaking coolant. Puddles are a sign of a broken unit. Call us to discuss how we can help with an air conditioning repair.
  • Foul Smells – An air conditioner like many other appliances might emit smells from time to time. But, if you turn on an air conditioner and it produces a burning or musty scent, then it is time to schedule an air conditioning repair with Blue Ox.
  • Puddles – If you are noticing puddles of fluid it might be that your air conditioner is leaking coolant. This is a sign of the units’ malfunction. Consult a NATE certified HVAC technician from Blue Ox immediately. Air conditioner repair is more complex than it might seem on YouTube. But, many customers have attempted to refill the coolant in their air conditioner, only to fork out more money for a professional air conditioning repair.
  • Warm Air – Tepid air is often an indicator that the refrigerant is low. Adding too much or too little will damage the unit and it will produce lukewarm air. Again, don’t attempt to conduct an air conditioning repair without proper training.

Customer Feedback

“I’m going through menopause and the hot flashes mean I look forward to a Minnesotan winter! During the summer I stay parked behind a fan that’s in front of a power air duct. A few weeks ago, I woke up in a puddle of my own sweat and the fan was just passing around hot, stuffy air. I couldn’t go back to sleep due to the heat. It was just after dawn but blind desperation had me calling HVAC companies at quarter-after-six!

I must’ve made ten phone calls and all of them forwarded me to voicemail! I made another call to Blue Ox Heating & Air and to my surprise, a real person answered the phone! The lady was so nice she called one of the early bird technicians and asked him if he could fit me in that morning!

The technicians had my air conditioner repair completed by 9 am! He was a polite and efficient man who didn’t leave any mess behind. He seemed genuinely happy that I wouldn’t be frying all day! Thank you, Blue Ox!

Lily Tennet, Minneapolis, MN, August 2019

“I try to fix things myself to save money and learn new skills. I learned a very important lesson last spring when I tried to refill the coolant in my central air conditioner. The unit was old and relied on Freon to provide cooling effects. I assumed Freon was interchangeable with Puron or GENETRON AZ-20 but I was wrong, $6000 wrong.

The coolant that I put in the AC created a ripple effect in the unit. I don’t know if the motors went out because of it but I do know they stopped working shortly after my blunder. I called Blue Ox (because when I’m not being cheap I trust to get my money’s worth from you guys!) and explained the situation.

The Blue Ox team came out and evaluated the situation. Jim (the technician) leveled with me that it wouldn’t be worth the cost of the air conditioner repair because the unit was on its last legs before I put the wrong refrigerant in. I might have gotten another month out of it, but not much longer.

Jim answered all my pesky questions about the AC. He showed me the damage inside the AC and there were burn marks on many of the components.

Jim walked me through the process of choosing a new unit suitable for my home and was open about the price of the installation and the cost of running the unit. I may not be happy about replacing my old air conditioner but I would have been livid if I paid for an air conditioner repair on a dying unit!!! The honesty and helpfulness of the Blue Ox team are unparalleled. This is why I only patronize Blue Ox!!!”

Mark Williams, Minneapolis, MN, June 2020

Photo By fstop123 at istock