Signs That You Need an Air Conditioner Installation for Your St Paul, MN Home

St. Paul, MN is known for its harsh winters but what might surprise many people is that it gets hot and sticky throughout the summer months. Living without an energy-efficient air conditioning unit is a recipe for discomfort and danger.

Heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration are all very real threats to the well-being of the residents of Capital City, particularly the most vulnerable populations including children and seniors.

A fully functioning cooling unit can protect your loved ones from the heat. However, it’s vital to ensure the unit is the right size and fits your energy needs. Blue Ox Heating and Air provides thorough advice while offering expert air conditioner installation.

Air Conditioner Installation Is an Investment

Air conditioner installation is a big investment and the cooling unit should last for a decade if it’s well-maintained and suitable for the space where it’s used. You’ll want to make certain the central unit fits your budget and energy efficiency needs.

Blue Ox Heating and Air specialize in air conditioner installation and repair. Our technicians train with manufacturers to stay current of HVAC trends and to remain abreast of blossoming technology.

If you’re looking for a dependable company to guide you through the air conditioner installation process please contact our office for friendly, quick, and trustworthy services.

Signs You Need A New Air Conditioner

It’s best to plan for replacing HVAC units because planning on buying a new air conditioner will prevent any interruptions to cooling your environment. However, most repairs and replacements don’t happen on schedule.

Here are a few red flags to look for when debating whether or not to replace your old air conditioner.

  • Sky-High Electric Bills are a Huge Red Flag. Any time you see an unexpected spike in your electricity bill you should be looking at your appliances for an explanation. Air conditioners will work harder and harder to meet the temperatures they’ve been set to. If your old air conditioner is struggling then it will eat up more electricity while it works.
  • The Air Conditioner Uses Freon. Efforts to increase environmental protections like when the 1992 Montreal Protocol was amended to phase out chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) because they damage the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere. Air conditioners that utilize this refrigerant are hard to maintain because the chemical is rare. Refilling with this coolant will incur a costly expense. Alternatively, modern, environmentally sustainable refrigerants can help lower electricity costs by almost 50 percent.
  • Excessive Noise is Coming from Your Air Conditioner. It’s perfectly normal for an air conditioner to make some degree of noise while it is running. However, bumping, squealing, clunking, or grinding noises may indicate problems with the fans, motor, or blowers. While these noises don’t automatically mean it’s time for a new unit, it’s worth checking into because these parts can cost almost as much as a new unit.
  • The Motors, Coils, and Compressors Frequently Break Down. An older air conditioner and a broken compressor can cause higher electric bills and reoccurring and costly repairs. Don’t throw your money away. We will help you discover how affordable a new unit is. We offer expert air conditioner installation with quick and friendly service.
  • Continual and Costly Repairs are a Good Indicator You Need a New Air Conditioner. If you find yourself calling the HVAC service on a constant basis it might be time to invest in a new unit. Take a good look at your repair costs and total them up. It’s entirely possible that the new unit and air conditioner installation in St Paul, MN is cheaper than the constant repairs.

Customer Feedback

“We hired Blue Ox after having a less than ideal experience with an independent contractor who lied about their expertise in air conditioner installation. Unfortunately, the contractor damaged our new air conditioner. The repairman from Blue Ox fixed the unit and had it installed within three days of calling them. They charged considerably less than the freelancer did, plus Blue Ox guaranteed the work! I wish we’d called Blue Ox from the start, it would have saved us over $1500! My advice is to rely on NATE-Certified professionals with testimonials and insurance at Blue Ox!!!”


  • Kathy Sandler, June 2019, St Paul, MN


“I put off scheduling an air conditioning installation for two summers because I didn’t realize how affordable it could be. I paid to have the coils replaced two years in a row which cost me almost $1000. Luckily for me, the motor broke down completely and couldn’t be fixed. I decided to try Blue Ox Heating and Air because they were offering a special on air conditioner installation. They had it fixed and running by the next afternoon. Also, I signed up for their routine maintenance package to protect my new air conditioner. Trust me, go with Blue Ox if you want an affordable and efficient HVAC service!”


  • Matt Welsh, August 2019, Battle Creek, MN


Why Choose Blue Ox?

We offer affordable prices, expertise, and friendly team members that genuinely take pride in the work they do. We provide our employees with tantalizing incentives to keep their skills current in the ever-evolving world of HVAC technology. Our employees maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Inviting a worker into your home is an act of trust. We strive to earn your trust by hiring professionals who respect the community and their tasks. We perform extensive background checks and require team members to submit to alcohol and drug tests. 

We are a family-run business and we consider our community to be our extended family. Rely on us for any plumbing, heating, or air conditioning needs you might have. 

Blue Ox Heating and Air provides an emergency service 24-hours a day because we understand HVAC needs don’t always happen when it’s convenient. If you’re considering a new unit and air conditioner installation please give us a call to discuss your options!

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