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How to Shut Down Your AC Unit for Fall

When fall weather starts to set in, the last bit of housekeeping on your mind is your AC. Your dependable companion during the blistering summer months, though, needs a bit of attention before you turn it off until next year. Here’s what AC maintenance should be at the top of your to-do list this season.

Ways to Maintain Your AC Before the Off-Season

1. Turn Off Exterior Power

On the condensing unit—or the big AC box outside your house—there will be a switch on the exterior wall of the system to shut it off for the winter. Cutting the power outside ensures that the unit doesn’t run if someone accidentally sets the thermostat to “cool” during the winter. While this is partially an energy-saving step in AC maintenance, it also prevents water from pooling in the unit, freezing, and damaging the condensing unit during sub-zero temperatures. When you take this step, remember to turn the unit back on come springtime.

2. Clean the Unit

As a preventative bit of AC maintenance, take the opportunity to clear off any debris from your exterior units before the weather turns. Leaves, twigs, and
branches that accumulate during fall and winter will cause issues with your AC when it warms up again if you don’t address them. You should also cut back nearby shrubs and tree branches that may block the unit. Once you’ve removed all debris, use a hose to wash any dirt or dust that remains on the external unit.

3. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

To ensure a long lifespan for your system, you need to have an HVAC professional look it over after it’s worked hard all summer long. Issues like loose electrical connections can be a fire hazard, and clogged condenser coils will negatively affect the efficiency of your air conditioning next year. If you have AC maintenance done at the end of the summer season, a professional can highlight any wear-and-tear and fix it before it festers all winter long.


To keep your AC running as strong as Babe, he suggests turning to his team at Blue Ox Heating & Air before shutting your unit down for the winter. For more information about our full range of HVAC services and to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance, give us a call today.