Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Are Not Just Modern Comforts | Minneapolis, MN

The natural landscape surrounding the Twin City’s is breathtakingly beautiful. The entire place is encompassed by water, including 13 lakes, wetlands, creeks, waterfalls, and both the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers.

During the summer months there is plenty to see and do but after a long, hot day of hiking the last thing you want to come home to is a hot-house.

Protect your home against the arctic weather of Minnesota winters and the sweltering humidity of Minneapolis, MN summers by investing in routine heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance from Blue Ox Heating & Air.

Trustworthy Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

There is so much to see and do in the Mini-Apple. The warmer months are perfect for making new friends all over the city. While the harsh winters are perfect for connecting with family and cuddling up on the sofa for family movie night.

It is hard to imagine that less than a few hundred years ago Native Americans and settlers lived here without heating during the winter or air conditioning during the summer.

Our modern conveniences (like climate controls) protect our most vulnerable populations including children and the elderly. Investing in regular heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance tasks ensures that those we love are kept safe and comfortable. They are kept warm in the bitter cold winters and cool during the dangerously high temperatures during the summer.

The Importance of HVAC Routine Checks

It is very easy to overlook the need for heating and air conditioning repair, and maintenance of these utilities until the furnace stops warming your home or the air conditioner goes on the fritz during a heatwave.

However, it is important to oversee the regular maintenance of both heating and cooling units to protect them from all sorts of issues. A commitment to prompt heating and air conditioning repair means your units will continue to optimally function for many years to come.

The technicians at Blue Ox are experts in heating and air conditioning repair. They are NATE-certified, fully insured, and bonded, and undergo comprehensive background checks and drug and alcohol screens.

Heatwaves Don’t Make Us Sweat

Summer in Minneapolis, MN offers residents plenty of chances to get outside and enjoy Lil’ Valhalla. However, the cold extremes of a Minnesotan winter don’t extend into the summer months, even a little bit because the temperature frequently reaches the mid-90’s with high humidity.

We are proud to help the people of Minneapolis, MN prepares for whatever roasting temperatures nature has planned for the city. Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning maintain your climate controls at an affordable price.

We don’t price gouge our customers just because the weather intensifies! We strive to provide expert heating and air conditioning repair services that go above and beyond what our competitors can do.

Blue Ox is proud to be the most trusted HVAC company in the Twin Cities. We offer the very best expertise when it comes to any heating and air conditioning repair.


“This is going to sound ridiculous, but after I bought my first home, I thought the HVAC system was guaranteed because the insurance guy surveyed the property. I know nothing about heating and air conditioning repair.

I discovered that the heating and cooling systems in my home were only evaluated to create a price for the property, not evaluate the state of the individual amenities.

This left me scrambling to buy a new air conditioner this spring. I chose Blue Ox because they offered comprehensive guidance at an extremely affordable price. They even took special measures to observe quarantine rules too! They did a great job! I want to tell everyone about the wonderful experience I had with Blue Ox.”

Sarah Flanders, St. Paul, MN, April 2020

“I woke up in the middle of the night soaked in my sweat. Our old AC gave up. I have been a loyal customer of Blue Ox since 2014. I knew they’d guide me through the purchase of a new unit that would suit my home perfectly. They did too. These guys are the best of the best. Affordable and friendly!!!”

Alex Combs, City of Lakes, MN, August 2019

The Clean Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air conditioners are complex machines that are assembled by experts trained to construct expensive cooling units. Air conditioners operate by pushing refrigerated air throughout the home’s network of ducts and air vents.

The air circulating in your home can have an impact on your health. If the network is dusty and dirty then the air conditioner might be negatively impacted and not operate well.

A less than optimally functioning air conditioner can put pressure on your system making it work harder to do the same job. Wonky AC units can also raise your electricity bills because the engines need more energy to provide the same cooling effects.

Putting Off Air Conditioner Repair

Making wise financial choices is important to most households in the country, but if you’re attempting to save money by delaying an air conditioner repair, think again!

Putting off HVAC maintenance and air conditioner repair can raise your electricity bills and further harm your AC unit which can result in more frequent service calls and an increase in repair costs. The worst-case scenario is that neglected units will need to be replaced.

Don’t Mess with Coolant!!

Refrigerant and coolant products that air conditioners use to cool environments are extremely dangerous to humans and the environment. A single drop of refrigerant can cause massive harm to children and pets.

These perilous fluids must be added safely to your unit and the remainder must be disposed of properly. It is against the law to dump corrosive coolants in unsuitable ways.

Red Flags You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioners can fully operate while still needing attention. The team at Blue Ox team will maintain your air conditioner is always working efficiently.

Keep an eye out for any of the following symptoms that your AC unit might be struggling:

  • The air conditioner only produces tepid or warm air.
  • An AC unit expelling unusual odors.
  • Puddles are a big red flag that your air conditioner is struggling to perform its duties.
  • Unusual noises like whirring and buzzing might indicate issues with the motors.
  • Higher electricity bills indicate malfunctioning AC units because they use up more power to run.

If you suspect your air conditioner isn’t operating at it’s best, and you’re looking for an efficient, affordable, and comprehensive HVAC company to repair your unit then reach out to us at Blue Ox Heating & Air.

We are here to help you choose, purchase, and install a new Energy Star-certified air conditioner or any HVAC appliance.

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