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Minneapolis, MN is one of the greatest cities in the United States. The varied culture, vibrant nightlife, and natural beauty surrounding The Mini-Apple are unlike any other state in the union, full of resourceful and intrepid people who cope with the sweltering, sweat-inducing summers and brave the Arctic winters.

It’s difficult to imagine the hardships the native tribes and settlers must have endured during the most dramatic weather systems in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Thankfully, the community of Minneapolis, MN has long adapted to their environment.

The most prudent Minneapolitans understand the importance of conducting regular maintenance on their heating and cooling climate systems and managing heating and air conditioning repair quickly with a trustworthy HVAC company like Blue Ox.

Don’t Sweat through the Summer

The average temperature in June is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Both of the Twin Cities are classified as being in the hot summer zone. Temperatures have reached over 110 degrees in the past.

This type of heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. Elderly people and children are particularly vulnerable to heat exhaustion and dehydration. The best prevention is preparation. Look after your home and conduct heating and air conditioning repair in the shoulder seasons.

While there’s plenty of beaches nearby to kick off your shoes and enjoy a cool dip and a lazy afternoon, not every day can be spent at a lake. We advise scheduling routine maintenance to protect the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Manage Maintenance to Protect Your Comfort

Taking care of your climate units can extend the life of your appliances. Air conditioners often need their outdoor condenser coils and outdoor evaporator units need to be cleaned. The refrigerant may need topping up. If the cooling agent is at an improper level it can affect your air conditioners’ performance.

There are lots of other tasks required to protect your air conditioner and Blue Ox believes in protecting the environment too. Our technicians practice the highest standards when it comes to disposing of solvents to protect the beautiful state of Minnesota!

Signs You Need Heating and Conditioning Repair

  • Weird Smells: unusual odors are a red flag that your AC needs a little TLC.
  • Pooled Water: if you are noticing water collecting, then it may be a leak from the unit. This could be a harbinger of malfunction. Make sure to consult a NATE certified HVAC technician ASAP!
  • Lukewarm Air: the refrigerant could be at an insufficient level. Too little or too much can throw the unit out of balance creating tepid air.
  • Failure to Start: Check the temperature that’s set on the unit before concluding you need a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair.

Stay Warm throughout the Frigid Winter

Did you know the average low temperature for a January day in this fair city is 6 degrees Fahrenheit? Any resident can tell you a frozen tale about living in Minnesota. Whether it be scraping the icebergs off your vehicle in the morning or being sequestered in your home for a week due to an icy blizzard.

Love winter or despise it, but be prepared for it. Our offices provide a 24-hour response service for emergency heating and air conditioning repair. We don’t want you shivering in your home and we aim to provide quick, affordable, and efficient HVAC maintenance and repair.

Prepare for a Blizzard

The winter of 2019 brought in a whopper of a snowstorm with the wind chill dropping to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The storm brought shops, businesses, government offices, and even the post office to a close. Weathermen noted that it was warmer in the South Pole. Over 7000 people were left without power.

These storms wreak havoc. putting excessive pressure on the electricity grid, causing water main breaks and slowing emergency response teams. It’s vital to be prepared for winter. Conduct heating and air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

Check the efficiency of your furnace in early autumn. Choose a chilly evening and turn on the heat for a few hours. If your heater hasn’t had routine maintenance carried out by a NATE-Certified professional who can edify your home against the next Polar Vortex.


“I grew up in Florida, but I’ve always been sentimental about winter. A snowy landscape seemed magical to me before I moved to earn my Civil Engineering Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. I still love winter, but I’m a bit less romantic about it after my heater went bust last winter, right before that awful blizzard.

” must have called every Heating and Air Conditioning Repair company in the Twin Cities. It was so busy for their industry, the earliest appointment I found was a week later. Finally, I rang Blue Ox and they had someone out the following morning. The expert they sent helped me develop a routine to manage the HVAC and heating and air conditioning repair before the busy season. It was easy and affordable. I rely on Blue Ox to keep me warm!”

Kelly Simpson, St. Paul, March 2019

My Nanny’s furnace broke down. She could see her breath when she talked on the telephone. My Nanny is on a fixed income and wife and I just had another baby. Safe to say, money is tight. I phoned Blue Ox and asked them what they could do and explained the situation. They sent out a technician who rang me with several affordable options which all fixed my Nan’s heating!

I’m pleased they helped us with our heating and air conditioning repair. I’m a loyal customer of Blue Ox. I turn to them for all my HVAC needs. They’re compassionate, efficient.”

Lance Devon, Dinkytown, October 2018

Enjoying All Four Seasons

Living in the great north has lots of perks, but it comes with an enormous responsibility: be prepared for whatever winter or summer has to throw at you! Heating and air conditioning repair are vital to a comfortable life in this eclectic town.

Give Blue Ox Heating & Air a call to schedule a maintenance visit to protect yourself from the elements!