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Keep Your Home Healthy and Comfortable with Efficient Systems

The maximum comfort with the minimum energy expense is our goal for your home heating and AC systems. When we perform heating and AC repair work here in St. Paul, MN, we’ll advise you with that in mind. Whether it’s a furnace tune-up or air conditioning coil cleaning, there are plenty of ways that we can help you save money. When the time comes to upgrade or replace your system, we’ll help you do the numbers to make sure you’re getting the comfort and efficiency you need.

Urgent Air Conditioner Repair and Heating Service to Keep You Comfortable

A cold home or a hot, humid day with no AC gets us rolling for heating and AC repair work when you call. Our expert technicians can put their diagnostic skills to work to identify the problem and make quick work of your heating and AC repair jobs so you’ll be relaxing in comfort as soon as possible. If it’s something we can help with over the phone, we’ll guide you to the solution even faster. We know that heating and cooling is not just a source of comfort for many people, it’s part of staying healthy and relaxed no matter what the weather is outside.

Start the Heating and Cooling Seasons Right — Furnace and Air Conditioner Maintenance

Our emergency heating and AC repair effort starts with your seasonal heating and cooling maintenance visits, where we identify potential problems before they happen. We also adjust and maintain your systems for the best efficiency and let you know if there are any changes you can make for cost-effective comfort. We’re ready to help you when your home is freezing cold — but we’re happy to prevent problems as well!

For Your Health and Cleanliness — Duct Cleaning, Sealing, and Replacement

One place you can’t reach when you’re dusting your house is your duct system. Dirt and dust accumulate there and trap other material, some of which can grow and become a hazard. Call us to schedule regular duct cleaning service as part of your heating and AC repair and maintenance routine, sealing your duct system when needed for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and replacement of your ducts if they’re getting old or damaged.

Allergy and Asthma Filtration Plus Antimicrobial UV Lights

HEPA filtration is used in industry to keep contaminants out of delicate processes and remove particles from the air which might carry infectious agents. In your St Paul, MN home we can put it to work making sure your home air is as clean as possible, especially during the times of the year when you keep your windows closed and the air circulating. For extra benefits, we can also install UV lights in your system which help to eliminate microbes in the air, whether from people, damp locations, pets or other sources.

Heating and Cooling System Upgrades for Better Efficiency

System failure is not the only time to consider a new heating or AC system. In addition to heating and AC repair work, you might also choose a new or upgraded system to avoid expensive repairs or when the numbers point to enough savings that it makes sense. The efficiency of newer units and manufacturer incentives can make it worthwhile to get us in, especially in the off-season, and put in your new equipment for comfort in the years to come.

Replacement and Upgrade for Programmable Thermostats

Sometimes your heating and AC repair problem is as simple as replacing a defective thermostat. Programmable thermostats are a great way to adjust your temperature for different times of the day to save money, too. Ask us about installing one on our next service visit. We can also connect your system to more advanced home control systems, such as smart home technology.

Service and Installation of Humidification and Dehumidification Units

If your air is crackling dry in the winter or humid in the summer, even if it’s at the right temperature, it might not be a heating and AC repair problem. A unit to adjust the humidity can be the right answer. We install both humidifiers and dehumidifiers that work in conjunction with your whole-home system for best results all over your house.

We Service and Install Heating and Cooling for Your Smart Home

Are you putting smart home features into your house? The heating and cooling equipment we install can be connected to your smart thermostat and other features — ask us how they can work together. Smart home equipment can also help you monitor and control your humidity, zone systems, and other heating and cooling parameters, even when you’re away from home. Ask us about how we can work with your technology.

We Specialize in Efficient Zoned Systems

We provide heating and AC repair work on systems that include multiple zones and we can convert your single-zone system for significant savings and comfort. Zoned systems allow you to regulate your heating and cooling in different parts of the house so that your system supplies climate control where the people are, and uses less energy where no one is present.

We’re Your Heating and Cooling Experts — Contact Us Now for Service or Information!

Our expert team puts their experience to work making sure that you get the best results from your home climate systems. We know the technologies, the best ways to heat and cool each type of home, and how to save money on your system’s operation. Heating and AC repair work, maintenance, and installation are what we do all year — let us do it for you. Call Blue Ox Heating & Air, in the St. Paul, MN area at 612-389-8385.

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