Furnace Repair – 5 Ways to Clean a Furnace

Your furnace works all winter long to heat and circulate air. Keeping the furnace clean should be a priority as a dirty furnace can be responsible for extra dust, waste fuel and drastically lower efficiency. Keep your furnace clean and prevent breakdowns with the following furnace repair tips from Blue Ox Heating and Cooling.

Change the Filter

Find the access panel on the outside of the furnace. This door opens to the inside of the furnace. Open the door and remove the filter. If you notice that the filter is dirty, you will need to either clean it or have it replaced. If you are dealing with a non-disposable filter, than it must be cleaned. Remove any large pieces of dirt and big, loose particles before cleaning. A non-toxic cleaner and tap water can usually get the job done. If you have a new furnace than chances are the filters are disposable. Replacements can be purchased at any hardware store.

Keep the Blower Assembly Clean

Start by unplugging any power source that runs to your furnace. This includes any backup system or generator. Serious injury can occur if you do not do this. Remove the front panel of the furnace. Slide the fan unit out of the furnace and completely remove the fan. Clean the blower assembly with non-toxic soap and water and use a toothbrush to thoroughly get into every crevice. The fan blades and the small spaces between them should particularly get attention. Vacuum or wipe down the belts and pulleys until they are clean. At this time you will also need to wipe down the motor until it is thoroughly cleaned.

Clean the Heat Exchanger Block

If this is a gas unit, begin by turning off the gas. As in the other methods, it is crucial to disconnect power. Use a toothbrush to remove the black build-up from each chamber. Thoroughly vacuum each chamber with a narrow vacuum attachment.

Thoroughly Clean the Interior

Start by unplugging the power cord. Using a non-toxic cleaner and tap water, take a damp cloth or towel and clean the entire interior of the furnace. Then, thoroughly vacuum. When you are done, replace the fan until from the original location. Tightly secure all wires and screws that keep it in place. Connect the power cord. Replace the front panel of the furnace until being sure to replace and tighten all screws.

Call a Professional

Although this is the last resort, it may need to be an option at times. You may find that your furnace is not working properly and even after trying a few cleaning methods, it still is not working as it should. At this point, you should consider calling your local furnace repair specialist who will tell you exactly what to look for and can help fix any issues.

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