Do You Need A Professional for Air Conditioner Installation? | Minneapolis, MN

Everyone wants to save money on household projects. While this is understandable, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a do-it-yourself job. Something as important as your air conditioning system requires a professional installation to provide the high-quality performance you expect. 

Not only is air conditioner installation not a DIY project, it is also not one to leave to an amateur. Unless your Minneapolis, MN air conditioner is properly installed, you could run into some serious problems. 

Common Mistakes Made by Amateurs

What can go wrong with amateur air conditioner installation? These are some of the mistakes that amateurs make most often.

The System Is the Wrong Size

Your air conditioner needs to be just the right size in order to properly cool your home. A unit that is too big or too small can experience problems like poor performance or short cycling. 

An amateur can guess what size air conditioner you need but they are likely to miss the mark. Professional air conditioner installation specialists have a method for determining the exact size unit each home needs. Without the guidance of a professional, you could be spending a lot of money for an air conditioner that will never be able to provide the level of comfort you desire. 

The Refrigerant Is Overcharged

Your air conditioner needs a refrigerant to create refreshing cool air. Like the size of the unit, the amount of refrigerant must be exactly right. Too much or too little will cause cooling problems.

Your air conditioner operates on a lifetime refrigerant charge. A common amateur mistake is to overcharge the refrigerant. Whether this is to make sure you don’t run out or not, this can seriously damage your system.

An air conditioner installation professional will make sure that your unit has the appropriate charge. This will keep your air conditioner working well for a longer time.

The Refrigerant Pipes Are Too Long

Refrigerant pipes are made from copper. They have to be below a certain length for your air conditioner to work right. Amateurs often fail to consider how the length of the pipes can affect service. 

A professional knows that the copper refrigerant pipes have to be under fifty feet long. If they are longer, your air conditioning system will have problems completing its cycle. This keeps the compressor running constantly, which will wear out your system quickly. 

To ensure that attention is paid to details like this, you need an experienced professional in charge of your air conditioner installation. Your unit will be able to work better, longer with professional care. 

The Outside Unit Is Misplaced

Amateur installation can cause problems throughout the life of your air conditioner. Often, important issues are overlooked or misunderstood in an attempt to finish the work fast. One of these crucial issues is placement of the outside portion of your system.

While it may appear that the outdoor unit can go anywhere, it needs a certain clearance to be able to perform. You need to have about two feet of clear space all around your outer unit. This allows adequate air circulation for the fan and the heat exchange, preventing inefficient operation. 

A Minneapolis, MN installation professional will know that they need to leave enough space for air to circulate. This will make sure your air conditioner operates more efficiently and cools your home better. 

Why You Need an Air Conditioner Installation Professional

There are many benefits for homeowners who choose a professional air conditioner installation technician. Here are some good reasons why you should always choose a professional for a job so complex.

They Are Licensed and Insured

When you choose an installation professional, they should be properly licensed. This ensures that they have the necessary training to accurately determine what is wrong with your system and the knowledge to fix it properly. A licensed professional will also be fully insured, so you and your property are protected at all times. 

The Job Requires Specialized Equipment

Air conditioning installation can be dangerous if you do not have the protection equipment used by professionals. Otherwise, you could encounter problems like burning wires, sparking, and other damage. 

Installing air conditioners also requires special tools. This not only helps your professional work more safely, it also allows for more efficient work. Trying to use the wrong set of tools can create a frustrating situation that will not end in proper air conditioner installation

A professional will arrive at the job site with a truck full of the necessary tools and equipment to install your ac unit safely and quickly. You will never have to deal with delays because they are ill-prepared. 

They Can Determine the Problem Quickly

Only a professional ac technician has the training to figure out what is going on with your air conditioner. They deal with air conditioners every day and have learned a lot about them on the job. They are specially trained to spot the clues that will lead them to the problem much faster than any amateur could. 

Your Service Warranties are Protected

Most air conditioner manufacturers offer service warranties on their products. However, if you or an amateur try to work on the system, you could easily void these warranties. If this happens, you will have to pay full price to a professional every time you have a problem.

They Can Make Your Home Easier to Resell

Amateur work on your air conditioner can cause you problems later on if you try to sell your home. When you have a non-professional service your ac, the repairs or installation may not be up to code. A home inspector will quickly spot these code violations, making it more difficult to sell your home. 

You Can Save Time and Money

Professional air conditioner installation saves a lot of time. That’s because a professional knows exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. There is no time wasted trying to solve a problem because they have vast experience with many brands and styles of ac units. 

In addition, having a professional installation tech will save you money. Your professional will calculate the exact size unit your home needs, so your home will be more comfortable. Proper installation protects your system from being overworked, meaning it can last a lot longer. 

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