Cottonwood Damage

Cottonwood Damage

As spring arrives in the St. Paul/Minneapolis region, everyone looks forward to enjoying mild temperatures again and the blossoms that it brings. Outdoor activities abound, but so do the seasonal allergies that accompany the influx of pollen and allergens into the air. One of the top offenders is the Cottonwood seed. These attractive little fluffy tufts adorn the Cottonwood trees briefly, then become the floating fuzz that sets off allergies and creates some of nature’s more annoying litter. Once airborne, these tiny seeds parachute their way into everything, including your home’s air conditioner.

Signs Of A Cottonwood Clog

The Blue Ox Heating And Air team’s most common call in the spring is an air conditioner no longer blowing cool air. It worked in the early spring but has slowly stopped sending refreshingly cool air into the client’s home. In most cases, the issue is a simple clog of Cottonwood seeds. Some homeowners report hearing slightly more noise from the AC unit or noticing it running more frequently before the cool air stopped. However, the tell-tale sign is the lack of cold air.

 The Real Problem

For your air conditioner condenser to do its job, it needs to be able to pull air into the unit and then expel it out through the top louvers. But when that air is permeated with tiny Cottonwood seeds, the air intake gets blocked and eventually completely clogged, stopping the airflow. With no airflow, the condensation of the refrigerant slows and finally ceases, eliminating its ability to provide your home with the cool air you need.

The Solution To Cottonwood Seed Clogs

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent these tiny white tufts from entering your air conditioner condenser unit. And filter or screen will clog and create the same issue. The only way to combat these seeds is a professional air conditioning cleaning. It might be tempting to head out to your AC unit with the garden hose and give it a good blast, but that will only force the seeds deeper into the coils.

The Blue Ox Heating And Air experts have years of training and expertise in servicing all makes and models of AC units. Our team’s extensive skills allow them to inspect, clean, and service your air conditioner using the processes recommended by the manufacturer. A professional AC cleaning is the best way to ensure that you get the most reliability from your investment in this essential equipment.

When To Call In The Blue Ox

The Blue Ox Heating And Air team is here to assist you with any heating or cooling emergency. Call us at 952-213-3956 for 24/7 emergency service or maintenance. When considering your HVAC maintenance, it is vital to be proactive. Give us a call before you notice the cool air diminishing. Shortly after you see the tiny white seeds floating around your home, give us a call to schedule an inspection and cleaning. Then you can rest assured that you will have no worries about Cottonwood seed clogs this summer.