High output, germicidal UV lamps kill germs, mold, bacteria, flu and viruses that come through your HVAC system. Below, post a picture of your family near any vent or air exchange in your home and you’ll be entered to win one of our THREE FREE UV Lamps with installation!

Winners will be announced on 12/24/2020.

Disclaimer: Must post a photo in the comments section on original post to enter. Entrants must like this Facebook page and enter by 12/23/20 at midnight. Winners will be announced on Facebook on 12/24/20. Winner has up to 6 months (5/30/2020) from announcement to claim their prize. Prize is a Pure Air X UV light, normal retail price of $729.00. Service scheduling is restricted to Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, and giveaway entrants and winners must reside in our service area.


Benefits of UV light air purifying systems – Blue Ox heating and plumbing

Using UV light to filter and sanitize your home is one of the more recently developed methods of air-purifying technology. The benefits are endless, the science behind it is revolutionary, and its amazingly efficient. Learn more about UV light, and how it may help you keep your home or place of business safer and cleaner than ever before.

UV air uses a high-intensity lamp that is germicidal and is attached within HVAC and forced air systems to help purify circulated air. UV air purifiers perform better in sanitizing when the exposure is longer, and HVAC systems can circulate the same air 40-75 times a day. As air passes the lamp, the intensity of the UV rays kill germs, microorganisms, contaminants, and more.

The benefits of using UV Air are endless. Starting with its efficiency, UV air systems can be operated for pennies a day. The systems are among the quietest of modern filtration devices and work as air circulates by already existing HVAC or air conditioning systems. You can find out today how to install these systems, and getting it professionally done will ensure optimal positioning and performance. UV air systems can even prevent mold growth in air conditioning drain pans and coils.

UV systems have many uses. Many modern hospitals and other medical facilities have been using UV systems to disinfect medical supplies and equipment. UV air systems have also been found to successfully inactivate bacteria, viruses, and do real damage to microorganisms.

Properly and professionally integrated UV systems may be the future of widespread air disinfection within AC and HVAC systems. For homeowners and business owners alike, the investment for such a filtration system could be one of the best ever made. UV systems are also made into portable air purifiers that can be placed anywhere.