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Beat the Heat with High-Velocity Air Conditioning

High-velocity air conditioning systems may be small in size, but their grip on the cooling market gets tighter every year. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to discover the strengths and weaknesses a high-velocity air conditioning unit offers in addition to what makes it stand apart from other traditional models on the market.

What is High-Velocity Air Conditioning?

High-velocity air conditioning is a method that circulates air throughout the room by aspiration, or via a strong burst of air. This allows the unit to draw the air over the cooling coils rather than pushing it like a traditional A/C unit. This method is specifically designed for older homes with architecture that doesn’t allow for the installation of air ducts. Bottom line: a high-velocity unit can fit everywhere a conventional A/C unit cannot.

Benefits of High-Velocity A/C Systems

• Consistent Cooling and Airflow — By releasing cold air from specific locations in the home, a high-velocity system produces widespread circulation and an even temperature throughout every room. This means more consistent cooling throughout your home and less air stagnation.

• Easy Installation — Installation is significantly easier in a home with no existing central AC system. Only a mere two inches wide, the ducts are easier to go back and install in older homes than the bigger, standard HVAC ducts. These smaller ducts can run inside walls, below floors, and in other tight spaces.

• Quick and Efficient — A high-velocity air conditioning unit makes any room cooler, faster. Additionally, this unit removes around 30 percent more moisture than standard systems do.

While a high-velocity unit is ideal for some situations, the unit does present a handful of drawbacks that ought to be considered before making a decision. The disadvantages of installing a high-velocity unit include a higher initial installation cost and constantly moving air. Alternatively, a ductless air conditioner offers another option to a high-velocity unit.

Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

• Saves Space — The compact design of a mini-split system makes them ideal for small spaces.

• Operates Conveniently — Most of the ductless air conditioner units come with a remote control, which ensures complete management of the room’s temperature.

• Runs Quietly — This alternative provides comfort with a strong, but quiet, performance.

If you have an older home, or a home whose architecture just won’t allow for the convenient installation of air ducts, consider installing a high-velocity air conditioning system.

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