Balancing heat in your home

How To Balance The Heat In Your Home During The Winter

As the Minnesota winter drags on more homeowners notice that there are areas of their homes that are not as comfortable as others. These places don’t seem to get as warm as the rest of the house, even when the furnace is running. There can be several factors to blame for these less comfortable parts of your home including the age of your furnace, the quality and condition of your air filters, and even the cleanliness of your home’s ductwork. Before you call the team at Blue Ox Heating and Air for a new furnace price quote, here are a few tips on balancing the heat in your home this winter.

Check Your Air Vents

If you rearrange the furniture in the summertime be aware that large pieces of furniture can end up blocking your heat vents. This will change the room’s airflow and make it noticeably cooler than the rest of your home. Dust and dirt can also block some of the airflow from the vent, making the space chilly; be sure that you do not inadvertently close or partially close the vents when you are cleaning the vents.

Keep the Fan On

Many homeowners opt for the auto setting on their furnace fan. This is not the ideal setting to keep your home’s heat balanced. In the auto setting, the fan only runs when the furnace is heating air and distributing it through your home; however, when the fan is set to on, it will continue to circulate air even when the furnace does not create more warm air. With the fan always running, the warmed air is kept moving around your home for a better balance and comfort. Some homeowners are concerned that this continual operation of the fan will be costly, but at most, you will see about a $5 increase in your utility bill. For that $5 investment, you will be much more comfortable in your home.

Duct Maintenance

The ductwork in your home is an essential part of your home’s heating and cooling system. Without a properly functioning delivery system, your heated and cooled air is wasted. Having your ductwork cleaned regularly will ensure that no blockages keep the warm air from reaching some parts of your home. A professional cleaning from the Blue Ox team will also help reduce the dust and allergens circulating through your home’s ductwork.

The other essential service for your ductwork is a duct test and aeroseal. The duct test will help our team locate any leaks that could be wasting your heated air. When leaks are found, we apply aeroseal to eliminate the leaks and the waste of your warm air. These two processes will quickly pay for themselves by reducing your heating and cooling costs.

For assistance balancing the heat in your home this winter, call 952-213-3959 to schedule an appointment with the HVAC experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air.

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