Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Important | Minneapolis, MN

One of the great things about living in Minneapolis, MN is that the area has numerous beautiful beaches, waterways, and lakes where you can spend some quality time relaxing and enjoying the warm weather.

Minnesota is the Land of a Thousand Lakes after all. While the lakes are one option for staying comfortable this summer, opting for regular maintenance and air conditioning repair is a much more convenient solution.

Bring on the Sunshine and the Air Conditioning

Most Minneapolitans do prefer the summer months, but there’s still heat and humidity to contend with. It’s worth weathering the polar vortices and sweltering summers to enjoy the cultural diversity of Minneapolis.

Warmer days offer multiple chances to explore the areas of outstanding beauty all over the state. However, when the exploration is finished you’ll want to return to a comfortable home. Taking care of your HVAC units and completing an air conditioning repair quickly can ensure you’ll stay at the right temperature all year long.

There are breathtaking natural environments all over MN, like Itasca State Park and Minnehaha Falls, and the city is chock-full of cultural amenities like the Weisman Art Museum or the Guthrie Theater. Minneapolis, MN is a thriving urban expanse and an ideal place to do business, raise families or settle in to enjoy retirement.

But living in this extraordinary place means being prepared for the hottest and coldest times of the year. Minnesotans know that they need to plan and prepare for any necessary air conditioning repair before an otherwise unbearable heatwave strikes.

Many team members at Blue Ox are big fans of spending time at one of the many nearby lakes. However, like the team-you can’t live at the lake this summer as a way to stay cool. You’ve got to go to work and take care of your loved ones. Every day can’t be spent behind over-sized sunglasses with your toes covered in golden sand.

Keep your routine running smoothly. Blue Ox can help arrange a maintenance schedule to protect your climate units while anticipating an air conditioning repair before it can interfere with your daily life.

Reasons to Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are complex machines that work with your ducts and air vents to move oxygen throughout your home. Ignoring a necessary air conditioning repair can end up costing you a lot more money than regular, scheduled maintenance visits by an HVAC professional.

Sometimes air conditioner repair and air conditioner upkeep can appear to be the same thing. Your cooling system can begin to emit unusual odors, produce warm air or fail to turn on if it hasn’t been taken care of properly. At Blue Ox, our NATE-certified professionals conduct several tests to make certain it’s working at optimal efficiency.

Our skilled technicians will make every effort to do a proper maintenance cleaning on your summer comfort system. Out technicians will clean the outdoor condenser coil and get rid of the leaves, grass clipping and cottonwood seed that has blanketed the outdoor unit impeding the performance. The cooling level will be checked and the charge will be adjusted with your permission. The indoor coil condensate will be cleaned out to prevent condensate back up into your furnace. We will check the electrical components for amp draw and lastly check or replace the filter.

Properly looking after your air conditioner can reap loads of rewards, like:

  • An air conditioner that will last a lot longer than neglected units.
  • Your cooling system will operate at optimal efficiency.
  • It will cost less to cool your home.
  • Optimal-functioning air conditioning units require less energy, reducing your carbon footprint which helps protect the environment.
  • Regular maintenance will cost you less than emergency air conditioning repair or replacing your unit.
  • Scheduled visits can eliminate any sweltering wait while you organize a service call to fix your air conditioning.

Customer Feedback

“For years, I relied on window air conditioning units. We had sheets hanging in the doorjambs to keep the cool air from being wasted on the hallways and lesser-used areas of our historic home. I admit I was hesitant to switch from these window units to a central air conditioning unit.

My home has been in our family since it was built at the turn of the century. By chance, I was outside watering my flowers when my neighbor was having an air conditioning repair completed by a friendly serviceman who took the time to look around my property when he was finished at the neighbor’s house.

From that synchronistic meeting, I felt a lot more comfortable about installing an exterior air conditioner after speaking with the Blue Ox team. I’m more than pleased with the job they’ve completed installing and caring for my much-improved air conditioner. I rely on scheduled visits to maintain the unit. When it comes time have an air conditioning repair, there is only one HVAC company I’m going to call and that’s going to be Blue Ox Heating & Air.”

Whitney Ericcson, Seward, May 2018

Trust Is Earned

The team at Blue Ox Heating & Air is dedicated to being the very best at what they do. We strive to provide exceptional technical service while being considerate, affordable, and trustworthy. We don’t expect you to take our word on our service and commitment to the community. We’ll prove it.

All of our HVAC experts are NATE-certified, they’ve submitted to thorough background checks and periodically attend further training to stay abreast of industry improvements and developing technologies.

We offer an emergency 24-hour response service with a commitment to transparent pricing and work guarantee. Blue Ox takes pride in being the most trusted HVAC company within the Twin Cities.

Whether you need a new air conditioner installed or a simple air conditioning repair, give Blue Ox an opportunity to prove our promises with the most professional and affordable HVAC services in the state!

Photo By Olena Yakobchuk at Shutterstock