Air Conditioner Installation Experts of Minneapolis, MN

Natives lived in this unforgiving region for hundreds of years before the settlers arrived. Indigenous and settler alike, suffered through the arctic winters and the scorching, close summers.

Luckily, modern-day conveniences have taken the sting out of the bitter winters and sticky summers. Heating units and air conditioners make our homes and offices comfortable and safe for everyone.

Yet, HVAC appliances require regular maintenance which means correctly choosing a suitable unit for the space it is cooling.

Air conditioner installation is a tricky business. It is not a chore that an amateur should attempt to complete. A few, little errors, and all the money you have invested in your new unit is wasted.

Don’t get stuck sweltering this summer with the hottest temperature since records began to clock in at 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t put off this purchase until it’s scorching outside and manufacturers raise their prices to meet consumer demands.

Can an Older AC Unit Mean a Higher Electric Bill?

Most Minnesotans maintain their heating units well. A long Minneapolis, MN winter with a shoddy heater can cause lots of health concerns and discomfort, that is why so many residents in Minneapolis, MN prioritize HVAC maintenance.

Summer temperatures can be threatening to vulnerable populations like children and seniors because issues like heat stroke and dehydration negatively impact human health.

A cool climate in the home is key to protecting yourself during the summertime. Maintaining a healthy AC unit is not just good for your health, it is also good for your bank account.

If you fail to look after the heating and air conditioning units in your home, they can add an additional 30% to your electric tariff. Older AC units should be replaced by a professional trained in air conditioner installation.

Another factor to consider is that if your air conditioner is older than a decade and is still using the refrigerant ‘Freon’ to power the cooler temperatures then it might be time to invest in a new air conditioner installation.

Reasons to Invest in a New Air Conditioner Installation

The HVAC industry continues to evolve by discovering new ways to reduce carbon emissions, reduce electricity use, and provide cleaner airflow throughout the home. New air conditioner installations provide many benefits to a modern home. Including:

  • An air conditioner installation tailored to meet the specific needs of your space will cost less money to run.
  • AC installations often reduce the home’s electricity rates.
  • Many AC installations include a warranty to ensure the appliance and the installation are of high quality.
  • No interruptions in the cooling of your home, plan ahead to ensure your service is continual.
  • Sustainable HVAC technology that lowers your carbon footprint.

The Most Trusted Air Conditioner Installation Team in the Twin Cities

The team at Blue Ox Heating and Air have trained extensively to provide the people of the Mini-Apple with the very best air conditioner installation service possible.

Our team-mates visit the factories where the HVAC units are built to fully understand how the appliances are made and how to best install, service, and repair air conditioners and heating appliances.

The modern world can be an intimidating place. We empathize that inviting a service person into your home might be a less than comfortable experience. Let us put your mind at ease, all of our trades-people submit to thorough background checks, and extensive drug and alcohol screenings.

Blue Ox hires HVAC technicians who take pride in their work and respect the homes’ where they conduct their air conditioner installations and repairs.

Customer Feedback

“Last summer the central air conditioning unit started making a buzzing noise that you could hear inside while the television was on. My brother thinks of himself as Mr. Handy-man, but the truth is that he does not know that much about air conditioners. He tried to fix it but made it worse.

The air conditioner was there when our family moved into the home in 1985. I knew it would need replacing but I’m cheap and I kept putting it off until it was absolutely necessary to buy a new one.

I called around to lots of HVAC companies in the Twin Cities, looking for the best deal. It came down to Blue Ox Heating and Air and another local business, but Blue Ox went above and beyond the call of duty! It was all done at a very competitive price! I’m very pleased with my choice and my nice and chilly home! Thank you Blue Ox!”

Chiara Trenton, St. Paul, July 2019

“I own a little coffee shop that does pretty well due to the loyal patronage of regulars. I try to return the favor by opting for long-term relationships with other local businesses in the area. Blue Ox Heating and Air is one of these businesses.

I rely on them for routine maintenance and the regular upkeep of the HVAC utilities. I have a package with them to oversee the routine care of the shop’s climate controls. I recommend them to everyone who brings up HVAC issues. They are punctual, affordable, and efficient!”

Jim Oppenheimer, Near North, March 2020

The Integrity of Blue Ox Heating & Air

The team at Blue Ox Heating & Air of Minneapolis, MN is a family business with decades of experience. We have been serving the Twin Cities region since 2013 when we decided to offer our exceptional, fully bonded, licensed, and insured technicians to the community.

We have been recognized by the North American Technicians for Excellence and all of our technicians are NATE-certified. We are integral members of the Minnesota Heating & Cooling Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Blue Ox offers maintenance packages, emergency services, and bespoke installation services to ensure your heating and air conditioning units remain in an optimal state and continue to cool and heat your home for many years.

If you are shopping around for a new central air conditioner give our friendly associates a ring to find out how much money Blue Ox can save you on your investment!

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