Aeroseal Benefits

Aeroseal Benefits


Living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, homeowners are eager to find any means possible to increase the efficiency of their HVAC systems. And one of the most economical and impressive is Aeroseal. Unfortunately, as the metal ductwork in your home heats and cools, cracks and air leaks begin to form. Over time, these gaps increase and rob you of the air you are paying to heat or cool. However, once all of the ducts are Aerosealed, you will be able to accurately control where the warmed or cooled air is delivered throughout your house. Added comfort is just the beginning of the benefits of calling 952-208-4570 to have the Blue Ox team Aeroseal your home’s ducts.

Improved Energy Efficiency

As you might imagine, when you are enjoying all the heated or cooled air created by your HVAC system, the house will be far more comfortable than when it was riddled with leaking ducts. That translates to less time running the heater or air conditioner and lower utility costs. Of course, no one will be upset having a little more breathing room each month in the household budget. And the environment will also thank you for reducing energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

Lengthen The Life Of Your HVAC System

Even if you only had a 10% loss of heated and cooled air in your home’s ductwork, it adds up over the years. So instead of looking at just a meager 10% reduction in the workload placed on your HVAC equipment, let’s translate it to added life. The average heating and cooling system last around 15 years. And 10% of 15 years is an added 1.5 years of reliable service you could be gaining from your heating and cooling equipment. So when you think in these terms, the cost of Aerosealing your ductwork is a sound investment with a fantastic return on your investment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You and your loved ones breathe the air inside your home day and night. But have you thought about all the dirt and filth that can be settling into the ductwork when the fan is not using them to circulate warmed or cooled air? Yes, all those places that are stealing your warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer also allow dust and contamination to enter the ducts. Then, all that dirt and contamination are blown throughout the house when the fan turns on. So sealing the leaks with Aeroseal is a reliable way to reduce the contaminants that you and your loved ones breathe when inside your home. This innovative process has also been found to help reduce airborne allergens like pet dander and allergic reactions to mold and mildew.

To learn more about the Aeroseal process, call 952-208-4570 today or schedule an appointment online for a Blue Ox Heating And Air expert to visit your home and provide you with a price quote to clean your home’s ducts and Aeroseal them. Our air quality experts are eager to help you ensure that your loved ones breathe only the cleanest air possible.