9 Effective Tips from Your Trusted Heating and AC Repair Expert to Help Extend the Life of Your HVAC System | Minneapolis, MN

Do you know that regular and effective maintenance of your HVAC system can help you save up to 40% of the energy cost annually? On top of that, your system will be working smoothly with hardly any problem at all. With a good system running, you won’t have to visit a technician for heating and AC repair services. Most importantly, your HVAC system will last longer. Thankfully, there are other things that you can do to extend the lifespan of your HVAC. Check below for helpful tips.

1. Clean and Change the Filters

Clean filters have a lot of benefits. It improves the indoor quality of your home. Your entire family will breathe fresher air and your HVAC system will be working efficiently. Also, it will reduce the chances of you hiring a technician for heating and AC repair.

Change the filters every three months. If you have a dirty filter, dust and other air pollutants will circulate the indoor air and may cause breathing problems for some of your family members. Also, your HVAC system will be working hard. As a result, you get higher energy bills. When the system works hard, it will reduce its lifespan.

It’s easy to change filters but if you do not know how to do this, you can always contact a professional for heating and AC repair in Minneapolis, MN.

2. Clean the Coils

Apart from the filters, the coils also play an important role in your HVAC system. When they are regularly cleaned, it greatly improves your home’s indoor air quality. You will get better airflow and your system will run smoothly.

With dirty coils, your HVAC system’s efficiency will drop considerably. Also, you may get higher energy costs as the system will work harder too. Dirty coils also reduce the lifespan of your system. To avoid heating and AC repair due to dirty coils, schedule cleaning at least once a month.

3. Turn Off Your HVAC Once in a While

Like all electronic appliances, your system also needs a break. It needs some downtime too. When the system doesn’t rest, it may cause system failure that requires heating and AC repair, or a replacement depending on the damage. When you are out, switch off your system. You can also use fans when it isn’t so hot. In the evening, do not turn it on — open your windows instead to let some cool breeze in.

4. Maximize the Unit’s Airflow

It’s better to call technicians to help you clean the registers and the vents. Doing this can significantly improve the air circulation in your home and can improve the HVAC system’s efficiency. If possible, do not close more than 20% of the registers so you do not strain your system. Otherwise, you may get higher energy bills.

5. Remove the Debris

Dirt can also build up in the unit itself, not just in the system’s other components. When there is debris in the unit, you will need to clean them as that can eventually reduce the airflow and decrease the unit’s efficiency. Over time, it may cause system failure. Remember that heating and AC repair can be expensive, but you can definitely avoid that if you schedule regular cleaning of the entire unit. Watch out for leaves, twigs and other debris that will slowly build up on the unit. It’s also best to contact a professional in Minneapolis, MN so they can properly check the entire unit.

6. Install a Smart Thermostat

Having a smart thermostat is not only convenient, it allows you to change your HVAC’s temperature while you are not at home or while you’re sleeping. Get a smart thermostat today, they have plenty of useful features and many are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Do make sure that you hire a professional to properly install your thermostat.

7. Change the Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you have scheduled HVAC maintenance, the technicians will be checking this as well. This should be done annually. A technician should be able to tell whether there is carbon monoxide leak which can cause death or injury. This can be detected through regular maintenance. They need to check the heat exchanger for cracks and corrosion too.

8. Schedule Regular Maintenance of your HVAC

To avoid costly repairs, contact a professional in Minneapolis, MN for maintenance of your system. The technician will thoroughly inspect your entire system to see if everything is in working order. They will advise you if some components need replacing.

The ideal time to schedule maintenance is about a month before winter and a month before summer. This will ensure that your system will work efficiently in extreme weather conditions. You can save up to $100 USD every year if your system is working at its best.

9. Shade the Outdoor Unit

Do make sure that the outdoor unit of your HVAC isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will work harder. That would equal to more energy cost and possible heating and AC repair services eventually. Try to build a small fence for it with enough airflow.

Should You Get Heating and AC Repair or Replacement your Unit?

If your HVAC is more than 10 years old, it may be time to get a replacement for it. Talk to a technician so they can better assist you on what equipment to get for your home, depending on what your needs are and your budget.

Try to follow the tips above and your HVAC should last a few more years. Also, the tips would definitely prevent costly repairs in the future.

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