4 Things To Do Before You Turn Your Furnace Off for the Season

As the weather gets warmer, so does your home. Do you know what you should be doing for your furnace at the end of the season?
It’s important to complete end of season furnace maintenance such as checking for carbon monoxide. On average, about 170 people in the US die every year from CO produced by non-automotive consumer products such as furnaces.

In addition to giving your furnace a good spring cleaning, you’ll need to complete these 4 quick tasks before turning your furnace off for the winter: 

Change the filter.

Filters don’t just help with furnaces in the winter, a clean filter can benefit air conditioners in the summer, too. It’s a task that you can complete by yourself in just a few minutes. Plus, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can reduce energy consumption in your home by 5-10%.

Check for cracks.

If you find any cracks in the combustion chamber, it’s possible that gas is leaking out of your furnace. Most new furnaces include safety features, such as shut-off valves, to help prevent gas from leaking into your home; however, older furnaces most likely do not have this feature. Contact a professional right away if you suspect any possible leaks as this is a serious issue.

Clean the surrounding area.

Don’t let clutter accumulate around the furnace. It’s easy to let stuff pile up around your furnace during the summer when it’s not in use. But on cold, rainy spring days, you might want to turn the heat back on for a couple hours. If things are too close, it could be a potential fire hazard.

Call in the professionals.

Have a technician come out and perform any outstanding maintenance and repairs. Check other furnace components such as the pilot light, burner assembly, the bearings, combustion chamber, the motor and heater exchange.

Don’t wait until next winter. You’re likely to forget about any furnace problems and you’ll be mad at yourself in the fall when the temperature drops. Whether it’s time to replace your furnace or just repair it, call the experts at Blue Ox Heating and Air. Our technicians have the right tools and experience to get the job done and save you from a headache. Contact Blue Ox today.