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3 Signs You Need a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Your home should be your haven, a place to relax and unwind. When it feels stuffy and musty, though, it can be challenging to get comfortable. Areas of your home that are at the water line—such as a basement—can fall victim to excess humidity that will permeate your interior air quality. To circumvent this issue, invest in a home dehumidifier to change the game. Here are a few signs that you need one.

Symptoms That Warrant a Home Dehumidifier

1. Humid Home

The looming feeling of humidity in your home is a nuisance to anyone inside it. Not only will you have an ever-present musty smell in your midst, but the air will also feel so thick that you could slice it with a knife. To sidestep the sticky and uncomfortable feeling of a humid space, you can use a whole home dehumidifier. It is powerful enough to ventilate even the most saturated air. They are typically ten times more effective than a small standing unit, removing almost 11 gallons of water per day.

2. Condensation on Your Windows

Glass surfaces can be a telltale sign of excess humidity. If you notice moisture on the inside of a windowpane, especially when it’s cold outside, then your home
has a ventilation problem. When the humid air comes in contact with the cold surface, the water condenses onto the glass. Luckily, this issue is often solved with a dehumidifier, particularly one that hooks up to your existing HVAC duct system. The unit will take capture that clammy air, leaving you with that cool, up North feeling in your home.

3. Water Stains & Mold

Humidity is also a significant health and safety hazard. It can cause water stains on ceilings and drywall that can cave when left untreated. Musty air will also promote mold growth, mildew, and dust mites, which severely deteriorate air quality, putting you and your family at risk. Besides the visual signs of these issues, symptoms like stuffy nose, watery eyes, and breathing problems will signal that there’s mold somewhere in your home. Make sure that you have the mold professionally removed and install a whole home dehumidifier to avoid the issue going forward.


As Babe the Blue Ox’s stories with his buddy Paul Bunyan will tell you, big problems often need big solutions. When humidity permeates your home, Blue Ox Heating & Air can help you install a permanent solution with a home dehumidifier. To learn more about this fantastic deal, give our Twin Cities, MN, based company a call today at (612) 217-7759.