Like all complex mechanical devices, your Minneapolis/St. Paul home’s AC requires some professional attention each year to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency and keeping your house cool and comfortable. Much like taking your car to a mechanic for some TLC, the AC experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air will come to your home and provide the specialized care and services that will increase the life expectancy of your AC, keep the operating cost affordable, and ensure that you will have the cool air you need this summer. Call 952-208-4570, or use our simple online scheduling tool to set up a time that works for you.

Why Invest In An AC Tune-Up

Many homeowners follow a popular misconception that if their AC is working, it should be left alone to do its job. However, that is far from a wise choice. All mechanical devices use parts, fluids, or components that are considered consumable. And once they are gone, the device will no longer function correctly or possibly even at all. In the case of your home’s AC system, an annual tune-up is to monitor the wear and tear on the unit and provide professional cleaning and inspections of essential items. It also ensures that there is no minor damage that will quickly turn into more costly damage as you begin to use the system.

Your AC will benefit much like your vehicle does after a professional tune-up. It gets a thorough visual inspection of essential components like belts, hoses, and brakes. It also receives much-needed lubrication and fluid inspections and replacements. The reward is better gas mileage and a longer life for your car. An AC tune-up offers all of the same benefits to ensure that your home remains cool and comfortable throughout the hot months of summertime.

The Blue Ox Heating And Air 16 Point Ac Tune-Up

You know that the Blue Ox Heating And Air experts are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service at the most reasonable prices. Our comprehensive AC tune-up is only $64 and includes:

  • Test and cycle air conditioner
  • Calibrate thermostat and proper operations
  • Check temperature drops across the evaporator coil
  • Check and adjust airflow
  • Check and flush the condensate drain line
  • Check air conditioner circuit breakers
  • Check and cycle defrost control
  • Check the electrical disconnect box
  • Inspect condenser fan motor operations and lubricate as necessary
  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • Visually inspect for minor leaks
  • Inspect and test Start/ Run capacitors and relays
  • Test operations and condition of compressor contractor
  • Inspect blower assembly operation, lubricate and adjust as necessary
  • Check amperage of compressor for proper power operations
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil and remove debris from the unit

Join The Club

In addition to offering a fantastic price on our AC tune-up service, we encourage homeowners to consider joining the Legendary Care Club for even more value. For only $12.50 each month, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your furnace and AC will get a professional tune-up before each season. In addition, you will receive 15% off the cost of repairs and 5% off equipment purchases. And all Blue Ox Heating And Air work is backed by our industry-best 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

To increase your savings and eliminate more stress, consider adding plumbing, sewer and drain, and electrical coverage to your package. Each professional service is provided for an additional $10 each month.

Call the Blue Ox Heating And Air experts today to schedule your complete AC tune-up. The affordable rate of $59 buys much peace of mind before the hot weather arrives.