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An air conditioner or furnace is remarkably efficient at doing what it was designed to do: heating or cooling air. The trick is getting that air into the different rooms of homes to enjoy it. That’s why insulated ductwork plays such an integral role in a home’s energy efficiency. Some of the energy in the heated or cooled air is bound to be lost in the transference process. The key is to minimize that loss as much as possible. Blue Ox Heating & Air specializes in installing and repairing insulated ductwork systems that help make sure that ductwork keeps the conditioned air traveling through an HVAC system as warm or as cool as possible. The ductwork insulation is uniquely designed to fit around the duct tubing itself to provide an extra layer in keeping energy from escaping the system.


Installing an insulated duct system with Blue Ox is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect your home from these energy losses. Blue Ox Heating & Air technicians know what areas of a system are most at risk for energy loss and thus, where ductwork insulation will be most beneficial. On its own, a duct system is a veritable sieve of warm and cool air. Energy is typically lost through ductwork in three ways:

  • Heat Conduction: The US Department of Energy estimates that 10% – 30% of energy used to heat and cool air is lost to conduction through the duct surfaces. Warm air traveling along duct surfaces directly loses heat by contact with the surface. The same process happens with cool air, only with the warmer duct surface heating the cool air.
  • Radiation: The energy from heat radiates outward until it reaches a cooler surface, where it is then absorbed by that surface. As that surface then heats, it again radiates the energy outward along a temperature gradient.
  • Cracks: After conduction and radiation, cracks along un-insulated ducts are next biggest culprit in energy loss, with an estimated 30% of energy escaping your HVAC system this way.


Saves Energy: Insulated ductwork saves energy by requiring your furnace or air conditioning units to not have to work as hard. Uninsulated ducts suffer from a loss of conduction, causing the air to not be as warm or cool as planned. Air flowing through uninsulated ducts in unconditioned rooms, such as attics, basements, and garages, can change temperature.

Eco-Friendly: While insulated ductwork saves energy in your home and lowers your energy bill, it is also great for the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy year-round.

Prevents Duct Condensation: Air ducts are prone to dripping water and condensation problems. These problems accumulate gradually over time and can be hard to detect. Air duct insulation provides a solid cover around the ducts and prevents these problems.

Prevents Mold: Mold and fungi are gross no matter where they are, but especially so when it comes to the air you breathe daily. Water leaks and condensation in your air ducts cause moisture to form. This can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, and other microbes, which is a health risk for those living in your home. Insulated ducts prevent the formation of these microbes from happening. Check out more about our indoor air quality solutions.

Reduces Noise: Air ducts run throughout the whole house and can carry sound waves to every room. Popping sounds can come from ducts as the weather changes and noises from the furnace turning on can be heard. Minimize the annoyance of this sound and keep your home quiet and peaceful.

Increases Comfort: With insulated ductwork, your home will finally be the correct temperature. Whether you prefer your home warmer or cooler, whatever you set the thermostat to will be the real temperature of your home.