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With the price of everything on the rise, many homeowners from Afton to Woodland are searching for ways to live more energy-efficiently and therefore more cost-effectively. But before you begin instating rules about using lights and electronics, start with the big picture and work through all of the devices and appliances in your home that use energy. Keep in mind that this list is massive. And one of the items that will top your list of energy consumers is the HVAC system. So it can be very a wise investment to call 952-208-4570 to request a home energy audit from the experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air.


Living up north, you know that your heating system is vital for your survival in the winter. In addition, having the added comfort of air conditioning in the summer is a must. But what you might not know is that state-wide, over 50% of the average home’s energy expenses go to heating and cooling. So if you want to take a bite out of those costly utility bills, having your HVAC system professionally inspected, serviced, and audited for efficiency is a great way to make an impact. A simple AC tune-up can curb its energy consumption, which can account for up to three-quarters of your summer energy costs.


Service and minor repairs to your HVAC equipment are only part of the process when you are interested in saving energy with improved heating and cooling. The other part is making sure that your home is doing its part to get the most benefit from heated and cooled air. At Blue Ox, an energy audit will include:

  • Inspecting the quality and amount of insulation in your home
  • Checking doors and windows for obvious air leaks that are stealing heated and cooled air from your home
  • Inspecting for air leaks around the chimney and other pipes or utility access points

Any issues with air leakage need to be corrected to increase your comfort level and decrease your energy bills.


There are many integral components in your HVAC system. They must function together to ensure your comfort and overall heating and cooling efficiency. From the location and accuracy of your thermostat to the amount of dust collecting on the air filter and in the ducts, these factors impact how well your HVAC system functions and the cost to achieve a comfortable temperature.

At Blue Ox Heating And Air, our home energy audit specialists will provide important information about the function of the various heating and cooling components and your home. Recommendations will be made to increase the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment and your home’s ability to retain that temperature-controlled air. Studies across the country have found that HVAC maintenance and house repairs for air leaks can reduce heating and cooling energy costs by 5 to 40% each year.

Call 952-208-4570 to schedule a home energy audit with the Blue Ox Heating And Cooling experts today.