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The air quality in your home has a significant impact on your health and the health of your loved ones. But unfortunately, it might not be as stellar as you would think. Poor ventilation and air circulation in most homes limit the fresh air being drawn into most homes in Burnsville, Coon Rapids, and surrounding communities. The result is a buildup of air pollutants from aerosol cans, cleaning products, and other chemicals used around your home. And while you might think that your HVAC air filter and vacuum filters are working hard to purify your home’s air, they are not providing high-quality filtration unless they are HEPA filters.

What Is A HEPA Filter?

HEPA refers to a pleated mechanical air filter. The name is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. Filters must comply with U.S. Department of Energy standards to be labeled as a HEPA product. These ultra-effective filters remove at least 99.97% of the dust, mold, pollen, and bacteria particles that are .3 microns or larger. To put that into perspective, a particle must be 40 microns or larger to be detected by the human eye.

The Health Benefits Of A HEPA Filter

Clean air, in general, is a necessity for good health. But in addition, some particles in the air that you breathe can be causing or contributing to specific respiratory issues like asthma, respiratory infections, and allergies. Pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold, and mildew spores are all known to increase the potential for breathing issues. And for those with a compromised immune system, the symptoms can be quite severe and even become life-threatening. A HEPA filter is the most thorough way to purify the air in your home in your HVAC system, additional air purification tools and products, and your vacuum cleaner.

Added Benefits Of HEPA Filters

In addition to protecting your health, it is vital that you consider the “health” of your HVAC system. The increased filtration lengthens the life span of your furnace and air conditioner by eliminating all of the dust and dirt that can damage the internal parts and components. And without all of that dirt and gunk inside the machines, they will function more efficiently and cost-effectively. So you will enjoy a more comfortable home year-round while still saving money on your utility bills.

Because we have been striving to build more energy-efficient homes for the past few decades, the structures are far more air-tight. And while this helps control heating and cooling costs, it also significantly contributed to the poor air quality in many homes. Without regular air exchanges, the air you breathe in your house could contain ten times the amount of pollutants as the outside air. However, by investing in high-quality HEPA filters for your HVAC system and other air filtration devices, you can rest assured that your home’s air is as healthy and pure as possible.

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