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As a member of the Minneapolis/St. Paul community for nearly a decade, Blue Ox Heating & Air appreciates how hard our customers work to earn a living. And to say thank you for their continued support and loyalty to our business and our staff’s families, we like to offer some exceptional values on our coupon page in addition to our already very competitive pricing. Our goal is to help customers keep their HVAC system in peak condition for added years of reliability, lower operating cost, and less stress and worry about breakdowns. So please review our coupons each month to discover a few new savings opportunities or select one of the offers we typically always provide to save money without sacrificing the level of quality service for your HVAC system.

Savings For Everyone

When visiting the Blue Ox coupon page, you will often see a few more generic coupons that offer savings to everyone, from a free service call to a specific dollar-off amount on any repair or service from our team of pros. These selections are our way of thanking each customer for their continued loyalty to our company and our pledge to help keep their heating and cooling budget as reasonable as possible.

Focused Savings Opportunities

As a team of HVAC professionals, our staff knows that many vital services will extend your HVAC system’s life and increase your home’s air quality. We would like to share these significant benefits with our customers. So you will often see these services highlighted by a money-saving coupon. For example, a special price on an AC Tune Up makes it more affordable to provide this essential service to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to serve you well this summer and for years to come. In addition, special pricing on whole-house duct cleaning is included on the coupon page to help homeowners experience the benefits of duct cleaning to eliminate dust and allergens in their homes. As a result, you will breathe easier and appreciate much less dust circulating in your home.

A Special Thank You

In addition to the general and service-related coupons, Blue Ox Heating & Air like to offer a special thank you to some folks whom we greatly appreciate. Without those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others by joining the military or entering the healthcare field, all of our lives would be drastically different. So we have created special discount coupons for those who choose to serve our country and community in these often overlooked yet vital service positions.

The other group Blue Ox would like to thank with a special discount coupon are the seniors in our community. These men and women of past generations have worked diligently to create the world and the prosperity we enjoy today. And as they enjoy their Golden Years, we would like to thank them with more affordable yet still dependable and fully warrantied complete HVAC services for their Minneapolis/St. Paul homes.

Please call 952-208-4570 to learn more about any Blue Ox Heating & Air coupon and schedule an appointment with one of our certified HVAC experts.