Gas VS. Electric Furnace

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When residents in Shakopee or Tonka Bay are researching their options for a new furnace, there are typically two choices, gas or electric. And it is not uncommon for homeowners to call the experts at Blue Ox Heating & Air to ask which of these choices is the best. But like most things in this world, each option has its pros and cons, which you must evaluate to make the best selection for your home. To help you begin the process, the pros at Blue Ox have compiled some of the most essential information regarding the pros and cons of electric and gas furnaces to help you make a well-informed decision.

Cost Is Always A Significant Consideration

Cost is always a concern when thinking about any feature or appliance in your home. In the case of a new furnace, you need to compare the purchase price of the unit as well as the operating cost. In general, when comparing two very similar furnaces, the gas model will be more expensive to purchase. However, the gas furnace’s operating cost is usually more affordable as gas is cheaper than electricity. Therefore, over the course of the first few years of use, you will likely save enough on lower energy bills to cover the added cost of purchasing the gas furnace.

Comparing The Life Expectancies

In addition to the flat cost of the unit and the operating cost, another factor will come into play: how long each furnace is expected to last. A gas furnace is rated to provide 10 to 20 years of reliability, while the electric model has a long life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. So to clearly evaluate what you will pay per year for your heating equipment and operating cost, you need to realize that you could be spreading the cost of the gas furnace over 20 years at the most. Still, the cost of your electric furnace could be spread over an additional ten years for a total of 30 years.

Which Unit Functions The Best?

The bottom line for many homeowners living in a bitterly cold climate is heating capability. The gas furnace is going to provide faster heat than an electric unit. In addition, the electric furnace is less efficient and can struggle to heat a home in a frigid climate. If you have gas available in your community, want to be able to heat your home quickly when cold weather blows in, and are focused on lower monthly energy bills, gas is the best option for you and your home. However, if you do not have a gas line running to your property, the added cost of installing this utility could make installing a gas furnace far more costly than opting for an electric model.

For more information on gas and electric furnaces and which is the best option for your home, contact the Blue Ox Heating & Air team at 952-208-4560 or request an appointment online for a consultation at your home and a free price estimate for your new furnace installation.