Why Does My Furnace Smell?

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When you turn on your furnace for the first time each year, it can produce some odd odors. However, you can avoid that dank stale smell by scheduling a professional tune-up and cleaning before the winter heating season begins. Our team of certified experts will clean the entire unit to eliminate the dust, dirt, and even mold that might have gathered over the summertime. And we will check out all of the components to make sure it is ready to serve you well for another cold winter in the Andover or Arden Hills area.

However, if you are discovering an odd odor during the heating season, there could be a need to call in our team of pros for added service or a repair to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home.


If you notice even a slight hint of sulfur or rotten egg odor coming from your gas furnace, evacuate your home immediately and call 911. That smell is typically associated with a natural gas leak that is a life-threatening hazard to your loved ones and pets. Get everyone away from the house before calling for emergency responders and the professionals at Blue Ox Heating And Air. We are available 24/7 at 952-208-4570 to investigate any potential gas leak and make the necessary repairs.


Everyone recognizes the smell of dirty stale clothes or towels. But it is not a fragrance that you want wafting out of your furnace vents. The reason for the foul odor coming from the furnace is the same as the dirty laundry, bacteria. The heat from the furnace running can create condensation that fosters the growth of bacteria, just like in a damp towel. Like dirty towels, a good cleaning will typically remove that awful odor from your furnace. A call to the experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air is the best way to ensure that all the bacteria is removed and that your furnace is ready to deliver odorless warm air throughout your home.


The smell of ozone is often associated with a thunderstorm. It is a pungent smell, somewhat like chlorine. But it can be related to excessive heat build-up in an electrical motor. This odd odor is a warning sign that there could be melting wire insulation or damage to the furnace blower motor that could start a fire. Call 952-208-4570 for a furnace inspection from the Blue Ox team to ensure your home’s safety.


If you have just turned on your furnace, the smell of burning dust can be almost overwhelming. But that collected dust will burn off, and the odor will dissipate. To avoid that odor, schedule a pre-heating season cleaning and inspection by the Blue Ox Heating And Air team. Our pros remove the dust and grime to ensure your furnace performs flawlessly.

Contact the Blue Ox Heating And Air team for help eliminating any odd odors from your furnace.