Floor Vents VS. Ceiling Vents

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If you are installing a new heating and cooling system in your Apple Valley or Blaine home, one of the significant considerations is where to locate the ductwork and vents. The two options are polar opposite, being the floor or the ceiling. The experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each with you. In addition, some structural features of your home will have a significant impact on our ability to locate ducts in some floor or ceiling areas. In the end, know that our pros have decades of experience working in the region and will create a custom layout that will best meet your needs and the design specifics of your home.


When you want to heat and cool your home, it is always best to work with the laws of physics rather than against them. Knowing that warm air rises and cold air sinks, you should design your ductwork accordingly. Of course, in a colder region, say the lovely State of Minnesota, you are more concerned with heating your home during the frigid winter. So with that in mind, we typically locate vents on the floor to allow the warm air to heat the entire space as it moves upward.

In the case of your return vents that pull air to go into your HVAC system, we also locate these on the floor. The floor location allows the system to pull in the coolest air in the room for heating. If you were living in a more tropical climate, you would want to do the opposite to focus on removing warm air near the ceiling to cool it before recirculating it.


One of the most significant challenges with floor vents is ensuring that they are not blocked by furniture or other objects like curtains or room décor. Of course, no one ever blocks a ceiling vent, but you need to work around vents located on the floor.

In addition, having the ducts in the floor or a crawl space is far less accessible than if they are located in an attic. So repairing a leak or damage can be a bit more challenging. Finally, dirt, dust, pet hair, and other foreign objects enter floor vents and ductwork. Things get spilled, children get curious, and pet Hair floats down to the ground. So be prepared to pay a little more attention to your vents that are located on the floor to enjoy added comfort during our cold northern winters.


Duct cleaning is always a valuable service for any home. When you have your vents and ductwork on the floor, professional cleaning is the perfect way to ensure that any dust, dirt, dander, or pet hair is removed before the cold weather hits. Call 952-208-4570 to schedule duct cleaning with the pros at Blue Ox Heating And Air or for any service related to your home’s HVAC system.