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The Blue Ox Heating And Air team understand how essential the HVAC system is to your commercial property. Without heating and cooling, your business or your tenant’s businesses could come to a stop. In addition, even when employees and customers are not on-site, it is essential to maintain a safe temperature and humidity level to protect expensive technology, products, and other materials. So all commercial property managers and owners need to know that they can call 952-208-4570, 24/7 for any emergency commercial HVAC service or schedule their regular maintenance and repair work.

Why You Need A Commercial Pro

Commercial HVAC systems are very complex and expensive pieces of equipment. So you want to know that your commercial HVAC system is being serviced and repaired by a certified and experienced commercial expert. At Blue Ox Heating And Air, our commercial experts only focus on these much larger systems to ensure they are ready to step in as soon as you discover an issue.

The Five Factors That Make Commercial HVAC More Challenging

  • Most commercial HVAC systems are roof-top installed. It saves valuable space in the building and protects this very costly and essential equipment from any malicious acts. But it makes servicing them a little tricky at times.
  • The typical commercial HVAC system is modular, meaning it can be expanded to increase coverage to a building addition or newly renovated part of the building. These units can also be reduced if the footprint of the heated and cooled space is going to decrease drastically. This feature is unique to commercial HVAC systems.
  • A packaged unit is also a unique feature of commercial HVAC equipment. Unlike other applications, all of the commercial HVAC equipment is located in a single or packaged location.
  • The drainage for a commercial HVAC system is much larger and more complex than smaller units. The sheer size and volume of the space being cooled and heated is often exponentially larger than what is found in other HVAC applications. So a commercial HVAC expert needs to be ready to handle this additional complexity of the system.
  • Ventilation can also be much more of a challenge in a commercial property. Unlike a house that offers an abundance of windows, most commercial properties lack this built-in ventilation. So to compensate, there are more devices needed to move the heated or cooled air throughout the structure and introduce the necessary airflow to the HVAC equipment. The size and complexity of the ventilation system will vary by the size of the structure. For example, a high-rise building will require a massive ventilation system to move air through the vast space properly.

Undoubtedly, you have invested a significant amount of money in your property’s commercial HVAC system. That makes hiring a commercial HVAC expert even more crucial. Protect your investment and your property by calling 952-208-4570 for all your commercial HVAC needs.The Blue Ox team is here 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure that you always have a reliable resource to get the job done right the first time and at a reasonable cost.