Benefits Of Changing A/C Filter

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The certified HVAC experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air are always here to assist you with any problems with your air conditioner. However, we also want you to know that you need to manage an essential part of your A/Cs care. Inspecting and replacing the A/C air filter is a crucial job that offers many substantial benefits. Some of the most important of those benefits include:

  • Less Wear And Tear – When your A/Cs air filter is doing its job correctly, it becomes coated in the dust and dirt removed from the air. However, once it is completely covered in dirt and dust, it restricts the airflow into the air conditioner. And when that occurs, the unit becomes overworked trying to draw in air. Essentially, your air conditioner begins to age exponentially faster because of the clogged air filter and excessive workload to move air. So replacing the air filter as needed ensures that the unit is never starved for air or overworked.
  • Less Energy Consumption – As you know, when a motor is under added stress, it consumes more energy. When you replace a dirty air filter with a clean one, you reduce the motor’s workload as it moves air through the air conditioner. That reduction is rewarded with lower energy consumption and more affordable cooling bills.
  • Less Chance Of Breakdowns – A clean air filter reduces the dust and debris entering the air conditioner and reduces the potential for damage to the delicate components inside the unit. The air filter’s sole purpose is to protect these moving parts and pieces of equipment from damage due to dust and grime. And nothing does that job as well as a new, clean air filter.
  • Improved Air Quality – While the job of an air conditioner filter is not to create cleaner air for you to breathe, that is a bonus of your new, clean air filter. You will benefit from the air that contains less dust and other debris. That is healthier for you to breathe and will also help eliminate the annoying dust that coats the surfaces in your home and demands more frequent cleaning.
  • Fewer Allergens – If you are one of the many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, you will discover that a clean air filter in your A/C is the best way to eliminate dust and pet dander that causes you misery. Higher quality HEPA air filters will remove up to 99% of all particles in the air that are causing your allergy issues.


Most experts recommend changing air filters quarterly. However, if you have pets in your home, live in a particularly dusty environment, or suffer from allergies, consider inspecting the filters monthly and replacing them as needed. It is a very small financial investment that delivers many benefits to you and our A/C system.

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