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HVAC tech in Oak Park, MN

At Blue Ox Heating & Air, we focus on providing both reliable emergency aid and easy-to-schedule maintenance and installation services for people in Oak Park and the surrounding area. Our offerings include repair and installation of all in-home heating, cooling, and air quality systems you might have or need.

In addition to this, we make sure our technicians are the best in the area thanks to a hiring process that includes both qualification and background testing.


We provide a suite of heating and cooling services that make the process of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year round as easy as possible. We also offer comprehensive air quality, ductwork, and thermostat services so whatever you need to make your home feel better, we can help.

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  • While we recommend that you call us for most issues that arise, there are a few air conditioner problems you can fix in your home with relative ease, such as refilling the refrigerant.
  • High-velocity air conditioning is a method that circulates air throughout the room by aspiration, or via a strong burst of air. This allows the unit to draw the air over the cooling coils rather than pushing it like a traditional A/C unit. This method is specifically designed for older homes with architecture that doesn’t allow for the installation of air ducts.
  • In-home air exchangers can improve your home’s air quality by reducing moisture issues, preventing damage to windows from condensation, reducing heating costs, and more.

Expert HVAC Services in Oak Park, MN

Our heating & cooling specialists are ready to help whenever you are having issues with the heating & cooling system in your Oak Park home. Give us a call today or schedule service online and experience the Blue Ox difference!