Why Maintain Your HVAC System

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Sadly, many homeowners from Circle Pines to Woodland are misinformed about the importance of HVAC system maintenance. Most say that they are concerned about the high cost of regular service. Many add that they do not see the value and return on the investment they are making in professional HVAC scheduled maintenance. At Blue Ox Heating And Air, we want our customers to know that we offer affordable, high-quality HVAC service they will find in the entire state.

With an AC tune-up cost as low as $49, we hope you will see that quality maintenance for your HVAC system does not need to be expensive. And we will show you all the benefits you get from this small investment.

An Incredible ROI

Think of an HVAC tune-up as you would the same service for your vehicle. A tune-up helps you increase the longevity of your car and also increases its fuel economy. When the Blue Ox team tunes up your HVAC, you will enjoy the maximum life expectancy from this expensive equipment. Manufacturers estimate that regular maintenance adds between three to five years of service to most HVAC equipment. Our pros are doing the small things like removing dust and debris, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring the function of all components.

When we see signs of an issue or normal wear and tear, we can alert you to the situation and avoid a complete failure of the system. Making a minor repair is always much more cost-effective than waiting for a significant breakdown. Something as simple as a broken mount or a fan belt can often cause damage to many other costly components. However, replacing that part during a tune-up avoids the added cost and frustration when your furnace or AC is not working.

Monthly Savings

Regular maintenance will also reward you each month with lower utility bills. When your HVAC equipment is dirty, and dust clogged, it must work harder than usual to cool your home. That added effort shortens its life expectancy, and it also consumes added energy. Keeping your HVAC system functioning at its peak efficiency will lower your utility bills while also increasing your comfort in your home in the winter and the summer.

Protecting Your Warranty

Savvy homeowners understand the value of a warranty on their HVAC equipment. But many are unaware that regular professional maintenance is required to maintain that protection. Manufacturers know that these complex pieces of equipment will not function properly through the five to ten-year warranty period without regular care.

Your Home’s Air Quality

The cleaning and care provided during regular HVAC maintenance visits will significantly increase your home’s air quality. Replacing air filters is essential. However, cleaning the entire HVAC system can only be done by a skilled professional. This annual cleaning eliminates the dust and allergens in your home’s air and many of your dust-related cleaning issues.

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