Would you believe that the air quality inside your Hastings home is up to ten times more polluted than the outside air? Scientists have discovered this disturbing fact is due to a lack of ventilation and the concentration of pollutants inside homes from Afton to Woodland and all towns in between. However, by following a few simple tips, you can significantly reduce the pollution in your home. And the resulting increased air quality could even reduce health issues like chest congestion, asthma, headaches, and coughing, according to experts at the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Increasing Air Quality
  1. Improve Ventilation- When the weather is pleasant, and the air quality is good, open windows and doors for a fast air exchange. Placing a fan in an open window can draw fresh air into your home or be reversed to pull the stale air out. Also, use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to increase ventilation.
  2. Remove Shoes- Removing your shoes before entering your home is a great way to reduce the contaminants that you are carrying into your house. Things like animal dander, pollen, and chemicals are coating your shoes and just waiting to be distributed across your carpets and hard floors. Just a short walk in the grass can bring pesticides and herbicides and plant pollen indoors, and create breathing issues. Slip your outside shoes off at the door and slip into your indoor shoes to significantly reduce the pollutants in your home.
  3. Eliminate Aerosols- All aerosol products have propellants that contaminate the air when the spray can is used. Some of the most common offenders include hair spray, bug spray, deodorant, furniture polish, and glass cleaners. Not only are you inhaling the propellants, but also particles of the chemical product you are spraying. The intelligent choice is to find alternative products offered in a solid, pump spray, in a gel, or on a wipe.
  4. Use HEPA Filters– High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters are made to trap the smallest particles contaminating the air inside your home. Some even use carbon-based materials to reduce common allergens like pet dander and mold. These filters can be installed on your HVAC system as well as your vacuum for increased air quality.
  5. Eliminate Tobacco Smoke- Tobacco is known to contain over 50 cancer-causing chemicals. And when you smoke in your home, those chemicals permeate the air. Research has discovered that secondhand smoke can cause lower respiratory infections, ear infections, asthma, and pneumonia in children and is also harmful to adults. Eliminating smoke from your home will reduce the potential for these health issues. And you will find that your home is easier to clean without the residue from smoke.

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