Common Winter HVAC Problems

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, HVAC systems are essential for safety as well as comfort throughout the winter months. And at Blue Ox Heating And Air, we are always here to assist our customers when they encounter one of the following four common heating issues or any problem with their HVAC equipment. Just call 952-208-4570 for help at any time of the day or night.

Decreased Airflow And Lack Of Heat

Many homeowners become concerned when they discover less warm air circulating through their homes. Fortunately, the issue is usually an easy one to correct. A dirty air filter is often to blame for the minimal airflow and less warm air. We recommend that you inspect your HVAC air filter every month and replace it when it looks fuzzy and coated with dust and dirt. Many customers set a specific date each month to check the air filter and replace it if needed to avoid this problem. If replacing the air filter does not solve the issue, call the Blue Ox Heating And Air team at 952-208-4570. Our certified experts will inspect your heating system and ductwork to locate any problems. Then we will present you with your options to correct the problem and restore the comfort and safety of your home.

Uneven Heating

Many issues could create uneven heating in your home. Simple things like a draft caused by a leaky door or window seal, heating registers blocked by furniture or curtains, or a leaking duct could be to blame. The only way to locate and correct the issue is with a visit from the Blue Ox team. Our pros will identify the problem and get it fixed for you quickly and cost-effectively.

My Thermostat Is Not Working

Thermostat issues are frustrating. They can make your home too hot or too cold. Luckily the problem is typically a bad wire or a need to be re-calibrated. The pros at Blue Ox will test the thermostat and let you know if a repair or replacement is the best option. You might even treat yourself to a money-saving programmable thermostat for extra savings on your heating and cooling costs each month. Our experts will help you select the perfect model for your needs and get it installed and operational quickly.

Frozen HVAC Pipes

It can be alarming to see a buildup of ice on your outdoor HVAC equipment. And it is essential to know that the ice can damage that equipment. Like a water line, when these pipes freeze, the added internal pressure can result in bursting. So when you see ice covering these lines, call 952-208-4570 for help from the experts at Blue Ox.

Nothing is as frustrating as being cold inside your own home. When you discover an issue with your home’s heating this winter, trust the professionals at Blue Ox Heating And Air to locate the problem and provide you with as many affordable solutions as possible. We are here 24/7, so you never need to suffer through a night with no heat in your home.


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