4 Common Causes Of AC Breakdown

Everyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region depends on their home's air conditioning for comfort in the summertime. Knowing that warm weather will arrive soon, your AC system must be ready to step up and keep your house cool and comfortable. But unless you understand the four most common reasons for an AC failure, you might have a few uncomfortably warm days in your future. So be sure to call 952-208-4570 for an AC tune-up before you find your air conditioner struggling and your home miserably hot.

Is Your AC Gasping For Air?

A clean air filter is one of the easiest maintenance processes that greatly benefit your AC. Some filters and units recommend replacement every three months, but check that filter each month if you live in a dusty environment. If the surface looks fuzzy, replace the filter. Your AC will breathe easier and provide more refreshing cool air than if it were struggling to draw air through a dirty filter.

Can Dirt Destroy Your Fan Motor?

If you wonder about the hazard of dirt getting into the fan motor, that is not a genuine concern. However, when dirt builds up on the fan blades, you have a problem. That dirt continues to add to the weight of the blades, adding stress to the blower motor. The result is an early motor failure. The other concern is that the blades get so laden with dirt that they become imbalanced and start to wear out bearings and other components. The simple solution is a professional AC tune-up and cleaning from the Blue Ox Heating And Air professionals.

The Magic Of Refrigerant

All AC units are constructed with the proper refrigerant to do their job. However, if that closed system develops a leak, the lost refrigerant degrades the unit's ability to cool the air in your home. However, the thermostat has no idea that the system is suffering. It simply keeps demanding more cooled air, causing the degraded AC to run longer, work harder, and eventually fail. An annual inspection of your AC by the team from Blue Ox Heating And Air will reveal any refrigerant leaks and prevent additional damage to the unit.

Condenser Coil Concerns

There are two common issues related to the condenser coils in your outdoor AC unit. First, dirt, debris, leaves, and grass can cover the protective grate and the coils, making them less effective in transferring heat and creating cool air. Washing the coils and keeping debris from the area is a simple yet vital process that will increase the coil's life expectancy. The second issue is damage to the coils from pet urine. If your dog is marking his AC unit, the acidic urine could be destroying the coils and your opportunity for cool air in your home this summer. Make sure that your dog does not have access to the outdoor AC equipment or be prepared to buy new coils regularly.

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